Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez engaged?

Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly engaged to his longtime girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, wearing Juventus jersey, was allegedly engaged to his long-time love affair, Georgina Rodriguez. The ring on the finger of the duo Rodriguez, who had a romantic dinner recently, attracted attention.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez engaged?

Many people in social media claimed that the famous couple was engaged.

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Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo makes a name for himself with his personal life as well as his career.

Ronaldo, who has been in love with Georgina Rodriguez, the mother of his daughter Alana Martina, often shares love poses with his lover with his followers.

The couple, who had a romantic dinner recently, added a video of them dancing to their Instagram accounts.

At the end of the post, Cristiano Ronaldo is seen kissing his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

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Rodriguez, one of the duo, who received thousands of likes from their fans with their poses, attracted attention with a square he added to his social media account the next day.

The wearing of a large diamond ring on Georgina Rodriguez’s finger, the Italian, British, and Portuguese press claimed that Ronaldo and his lover may have been engaged.

The two have not made any statements on the subject yet. Rodriguez is also the mother of three children born to the football player’s surrogate mother.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s accomplice Georgina Rodriguez parades her precious stone wedding band

Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, who is expecting twins with her accomplice Cristiano Ronaldo, paraded her jewel wedding band in the most recent shocking photograph.

Georgina Rodriguez, 27 went to Instagram and shared her astonishing photograph, exhibiting her costly wedding band.

She posted the photograph with a provocative note.

Georgina said, “Radiate brilliantly like a jewel” trailed by a precious stone emoticon.

The ring is decorated with a huge sapphire stone and encrusted with jewels.

It was likewise unveiled that Cristiano Ronaldo connected with Georgina on a yacht while they were away on siestas together in September 2020.

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