Cris Galera doing yoga naked

Model Cris Galera has done a job that will succeed in being on the agenda again. She was naked in front of the cameras while doing yoga.

She stripped naked while doing yoga! She told her followers about the benefits of nude training and captured those moments on camera.

Brazilian model Cris Galera

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Brazilian model Cris Galera managed to attract attention on social media with her post, where she shared the secret of staying in shape. Talking about how nude yoga heals both her body and soul, Galera shared her photos taken during her workout with her followers.

Galera, who managed to earn a huge income by selling her sexy photos and videos on social media, shared the frames from her training on her account, expressing that naked yoga helps maintain the connection with her body.

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Galera said she was fascinated when she discovered nude yoga in Europe. Because it helps you get to know your body.”

Stating that she wanted to transfer the naked yoga technique to her followers and that she wanted the practice to become widespread, Galera said, “I realized that it is much more than a sexual exercise. “I wanted to tell people about this situation,” she said.

Interestingly, many influencers are sharing videos or photos of themselves doing nude yoga on platforms like Onlyfans.

It would be foolish to say that doing yoga naked for the time being is quite beneficial.

I think someone else thinks it appropriate to act stupid to get attention.

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