Covid19 on Donald Trump! Oxygen support before hospitalization

Trump, who has coronavirus, was given oxygen supplements before hospitalization

It turned out that US President Donald Trump, who was caught in a new type of coronavirus, was given oxygen before he was hospitalized on Friday.

The report in the American media, which is based on an unnamed official, stated that Trump received oxygen supplements yesterday, saying that he was given oxygen support for a while, just before he was brought to Walter Reed Military Hospital by helicopter yesterday.


On the other hand, US President Trump said in a statement on his Twitter account that he was in good health.
Trump noted: “The doctors, nurses, and everyone else doing great work at Walter Reed Hospital, as well as other doctors who joined them from other institutions, are incredible. There has been great progress in combating this epidemic over the past 6 months. With their help, I feel very well.”


Trump, who announced that he was caught with Kovid-19 on his Twitter account on the night that connects Thursday to Friday, was taken to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Maryland, half an hour away from the capital Washington DC.

Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley, said in the morning that President Trump’s situation was fine as of this morning. The status of its basic functions in the last 24 hours has been very worrying and in this respect the next 48 hours will be very important at the point of its maintenance.

Our path regarding the full recovery process is not yet clear. “He used expressions.

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