Courtney Clenney admits to killing boyfriend Christian Obumseli

‘She was an abuser’: OnlyFans model friend Courtney Clenney claims she stabbed BF in self-defense. An OnlyFans Model Says She Stabbed Her Boyfriend In Self-Defense. It was a mess with her friends claiming she was an abuser.

Friends of the OnlyFans model, Courtney Clenney, claim she was abused in her relationship with her late boyfriend, Christian Toby Obumseli. The 25-year-old, also known as Courtney Tailor, stabbed Obumselli in the shoulder and died while arguing at her Miami apartment on April 3.

Clenney was seen bloodied in a video taken after police arrived after calling 911. His legal team claims he was a “victim of domestic violence,” but Obumseli’s family and friends have denied the allegations. Clenney’s lawyer, Frank Prieto, told Rolling Stone: “She did her best and called 911. To save her life, she was covered in his blood.”

An OnlyFans Model Says She Stabbed Her Boyfriend In Self-Defense

There’s just a single individual who knows the exact thing happened right away before 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 3, to leave Christian “Toby” Obumseli dead from a cut injury — and as indicated by her legal advisor, that individual is back home in Texas with her folks, lamenting the deficiency of her beau, and recuperating from the difficulty.

In the weeks from that point forward, certain subtleties, at any rate, have become clear: After 26-year-old OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney cut Obumseli, 27, once in his upper chest inside condo 2201 at Miami’s extravagance waterfront highrise One Paraiso, she called 911. The Miami Police came, and limited Clenney’s hands behind her back, as indicated by a flimsy video shot by a neighbor with a view through her loft’s floor-to-roof windows. In the repercussions, Clenney sat on the floor, her light-shaded running pants canvassed in a dim mess, while one of her canines licked her face. As indicated by Clenney’s legal advisor, Frank Prieto, she had become absorbed Obumseli’s blood while attempting to resuscitate him. “She attempted to oversee emergency treatment admirably well; she called 911,” Prieto tells Rolling Stone. “She got shrouded in his blood attempting to save his life.”

Prieto says he joined Clenney at the police headquarters that evening, adding that she gave officials an assertion intentionally, over the span of which she offered something that persuaded them to think she could hurt herself. “I thought it was ideal to ensure she was OK, and [the police] addressed me about ‘Bread cook Acting’ someone, which is a compulsory obligation to the emergency clinic,” Prieto says. Clenney was conceded, then released under 48 hours after the fact. She before long got back to Texas.

Did Courtney Clenney Kill BF Christian Obumseli In Self-Defense?

Miami Police Theory Continues To Research.

Who is Courtney Kleney? The model updated the ONLYFANS page with a cool selfie after she stabbed herself to death.

He added that Clenney admitted to killing Obumseli and claimed that he was subjected to constant domestic violence in self-defense. “Christian committed a crime and had the right to defend himself,” Prieto told the portal. This is not an organizer. Unfortunately, this is a self-defense situation. And there’s a terrible feeling inside.”

Meanwhile, Obumselli’s family insists that Kleney’s attacks were unfounded and that he never molested her. They think that Kleni is preferred because she is a white woman, and they treat Obumselli’s family, who is a black man, with ignorance.

“The truth is, we’ve seen a lot of domestic violence and it’s over,” a friend of the couple told Rolling Stone. “He’ll be gone while we’re having dinner or going out and he’s texting Christian to see him. We’d go find them and see them arguing and he’d just sit there screaming.” always gets him to fight something.”

“They will go and we will find them. We were always worried about what was going on or if it was climbing. I stopped the car once and they were in an alley and he was hitting him as I was walking,” the friend continued. I went outside and he was coming down the stairs when I heard the voice,” he recalled another moment.

His friend explained that he had asked Clenney if Obumseli had abused him. “Hey, does he hurt you? Does he beat you, does he beat you? Like what? He never said he hit him because I’ll never be right. I said something. Clenney only complained about Obumsel for money, ‘I don’t want to share my money with him. ‘ They always fought for money.”

The friend went further and claimed that Clenney once threw Obumseli’s suitcase from the balcony of their apartment. “He said, ‘Ha ha, poison girlfriend,’ but [then] said ‘OK, I bought him a brand new Louis Vuitton bag. The way you do something to him and apologize is to buy him designer goods or make up for it with a trip.”

“I can sum it up as he always has these manic episodes and it pulls him in and tries to say ‘Calm down, take it easy,'” she added. I’ve never seen you beat him. Not aggressively, but you know, when someone hits you, you want to grab your arm. I saw it, but never where it hit him.”

His friend also revealed that Obumselli always tried to defend his behavior by blaming his alcohol consumption. “He always tried to be patient and always made excuses like ‘He only does it when he’s drinking’ and we used to say we weren’t cool. You can’t take a piece of you for nothing.” he concluded. “It’s like, ‘Oh, I’ll get you,’ or ‘Don’t say it.’ That’s what it is to me.’ He’ll get something out of it by thinking, ‘Haha, I’m a toxic crazy girlfriend.

Another impressive friend of the couple said he saw Clenney pushing Obumseli multiple times. He remembers a trip to Palm Springs, California. “I could see they were arguing out of the corner of my eye. He was pushing her out of the room. If she says ‘Hey, you just got it’, she starts pushing him around.”

“His role in their relationship was basically to take him away from him and calm him down,” she said. “He’ll just stand there like a stickman. He’ll stand there and pick it up. He puts his hand on it and never touches it again. I don’t think he’ll try to stop it from hitting him.” “I couldn’t talk to him because he stuttered,” she said. I want to say that I have never seen him. [movement] Aggressive and cold-hearted.”

“They had a stunning relationship. Unfortunately it went both ways. Christian looked like some kind of chameleon. In public, he has maintained a steady appearance. Personally, he was a gas burner and was abused mentally and physically with him.” said Prieto.

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