Could your sex position be putting your health at risk?

The sexual positions that people like and enjoy vary from person to person. Some positions can provide greater satisfaction for both men and women. However, experts warn that sex positions affect health.

There are many different sex positions. Anal sex in these positions is often done. However, experts state that anal sex puts health at risk. Studies show that more than a quarter of American and British women have anal sex. Dr Tabitha Ghana and Dr Lesley Hunt noted that the style of sexual intercourse can cause pain, bleeding, urinary incontinence and long-term injury.

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Dr Ghana and Dr Hunt said anal sex “has moved from the world of pornography to mainstream media”. It has become more common among heterosexual couples, with 28.5 percent of British women aged 16 to 24 saying they do. Women who have anal sex are more likely to experience incontinence than men because women’s anal sphincters are “less robust” and anal canal strength is lower, so the damage is “more significant,” they wrote.

Traumatic abrasions, bleeding, and rupture of the anus are also risks, the surgeons said. Dr Ghana and Dr Hunt wrote: ‘We may be failing a young generation of women who are unaware of the risks. With better knowledge, women who want anal sex can protect themselves more effectively from potential harm.

With the warming of the weather, there are some situations that you should pay attention to for your health. Vaginal health is a critical condition, especially for women. There are some factors that you should pay attention to for the health of women’s vagina in hot weather. Just because your vagina is closed at the end of the day doesn’t mean everything is going well. On the contrary, this triggers the formation of sweat and bacteria all day.

Things to consider in hot weather for your vaginal health

You’ve probably heard before, that the vagina can clean itself. Extra cleansers can disrupt the natural pH of the vagina, causing an overgrowth of harmful bacteria or yeast. The best way to keep your vulva clean is to use water and unscented soap.

In the summer this is easier said than done, but avoiding peak temperatures between 12 and 3 p.m. can prevent sweating. If you are outside, stay in the shade if possible. Carrying panties with you can also be a solution.

Experts state that underwear must be ironed after washing. The underwear that you will iron after washing at low temperature can prevent yeast formation.

Perhaps wiping it after going to the toilet isn’t the natural way to go, but wiping from front to back will prevent any bacteria and feces from your rectum from entering and mixing with your vagina.

Do not forget to wash your genitals with odorless soap and clean water to prevent bacterial growth before and after sexual intercourse.

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