Corruption operation in barcelona 2 gmspors

Corruption operation in Barcelona

Corruption operation in Barcelona! Former president Josep Maria Bartomeu was detained. Barcelona is facing a major financial crisis since the beginning of 2021.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, former president of Barcelona, ​​was detained as part of the Barchagate operation. Bartomeu has been accused of paying social media accounts and committing corruption to undermine the reputation of some of the club’s names and leading players in the team.

Corruption operation in barcelona 2 gmspors

The crisis is getting bigger in Barcelona. The last president of the club, Josep Maria Bartomeu, has been taken into custody. It was learned that the club building was searched and former president Bartomeu was detained. Bartomeu, as well as club general secretary Oscar Grau and legal affairs manager Roman Gomez Ponti, were also detained.

According to the news of the Cadena SER newspaper, Josep Bartomeu has been accused of trying to damage their reputation through fake social media accounts and corruption, such as Messi, Pique and Xavi, who have an influence on the club. The press conveys the events to their followers under the name “Barçagate”. After the painful process that started last year, Bartomeu resigned in October. A temporary board has been running the club for 4 months.


Corruption operation in barcelona 1 gmspors

In the Catalan media in 2017, it was revealed that Bartomeu and some of her accompanying executives used the club’s resources to launch black propaganda about footballers who did not perform well on social media and did not comply with the club’s wishes in contract renewal negotiations.

As a result of this black propaganda against Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique and other star players, unrest arose within the team. These social media posts included bad comments not only to footballers but also to their families.

The presidential election in Barcelona will be held this Sunday.