Corinna Kopf: She targeted her follower who called her ugly

Corinna kopf she targeted her follower who called her ugly 2 gmspors

Onlyfans model Corinna Kopf is targeting a person who insulted her on social media.

The OnlyFans model silenced the ‘ugly’ troll with an epic comeback and is sharing those messages on social media.

YouTube vlogger-turned-onlyFans model Corinna Kopf shared her perfect answer to a keyboard warrior on Instagram, giving her fans a master class on eliminating online hate.

Corinna kopf she targeted her follower who called her ugly 2 gmspors

The Onlyfans model, who brought her net worth to 500 thousand dollars in a short time, did not stand still.

The model, targeting the sexual aspects of the male audience with her posts, shared the moment when she silenced a person who called herself ugly, with her fans.

Corinna Kopf: Shares DM who targeted her

dailystar onlyfans shared about the DMs the model received recently.

With 6.8million supporters on Instagram, 1.7million YouTube endorsers and large number of OnlyFans watchers, she’s never shy of consideration – whether this be positive or negative.

Yet, rather than letting console champions hold her back, the 26-year-old force to be reckoned with dismisses analysis.

She as of late shared terrible DMs she got from a savage.

Corinna kopf she targeted her follower who called her ugly 3 gmspors

One of the Instagram messages read: “Trust you bite the dust appalling cultivator”, while one more said: “You’re in a real sense terrible and would wipe floors at McDonald’s without Instagram and Photoshop”.

Corinna reposted the maltreatment on her Stories, alongside the rebellious joke: “Sssshhhh before I make you my stepson.”

Also, with all the cash she’s procuring on the web, we question Corinna will waste any time over the savage.

The YouTuber turned provocative model, from Illinois in the US, made an incredible $1million (around £825,000) in her initial 48 hours on OnlyFans.

Furthermore, also, her income have kept on climbing.

In a new video blog, YouTuber David Dobrik conceded Corinna’s wages are so “crazy” they “make (him) need to upchuck”.

Corinna kopf she targeted her follower who called her ugly 1 gmspors

As per a payslip displayed in the video, the stunner is rounding up $1.2million (around £991,000) a month from the grown-up membership site.

OnlyFans is one reason the dazzling model has had the option to manage the cost of extravagances like a £290,000 Ferrari.

Corinna likewise flew off on envy-actuating occasions lately – from Mykonos to Milan and Munich.

She’s not bashful about sprinkling the money when making the rounds by the same token.

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