Corey Bennett is hot with his videos on Tiktok

Corey Bennett The teenager, who shakes his shoulders because he has no collarbone, is almost astonishing to those who see him.

Corey Bennett from the USA is known for being born without a collarbone, easily flapping his shoulders like a bird. Corey, who actively uses social media and was born with a condition called Kleidocranial dysplasia, also complains about his short stature and low teeth.

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According to, which studies rare diseases in the USA, this situation is seen at approximately one in 1 million. There are only a thousand cases recorded in medical studies.

Corey Bennett is a different Human at Tiktok

@coreybennett501Day 21 of shoulder clapping til I’m famous!! ##nocollarbones ##noimbuiltdifferent♬ original sound – Collarbone-less Corey

Turning the absence of collarbones into an opportunity, the young man creates a video series called “Fapping until you become famous” on TikTok channel, giving people information about the situation. Corey; In one of the clips, he reveals his incredible ability to clap his shoulders as quickly and easily as people can clap their hands. Because he has no collarbone, there’s nothing to stop his shoulders from meeting in front of his chest.

On the other hand, the young man, to whom many people sent messages of support, said that he also received negative comments. “There are people who are still rude with their comments. But I won’t stop sharing.” “I want to spread awareness because I know how difficult it is to grow up with this rare situation. I will continue to create content and spread awareness on TikTok.”

@coreybennett501For all my friends ##nocollarbones ##noimbuiltdifferent♬ original sound – Marv🥀🖤

Corey Bennett often tries to answer people’s curious questions in his videos on Tiktok. Although he has mild troubles due to his illness, he still continues to live in peace with life and is now in Tiktok to become a popular person in him.

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