Content deadline extended for TikTok-like Instagram Reels

Considered a copy of TikTok, Instagram Reels now allows people to share longer content. Here are the details explained; For those who don’t know yet, Instagram Reels allows you to create and edit short videos within “Instagram Camera”.

Users can add effects and music to Reels videos or use their own voice. This feature originally had a 15-second limit, which was later increased to 30 seconds. Now the video limit is 60 seconds.

In other words, content producers will now be able to shoot and share 1-minute Reels. This increase came after TikTok increased the limit for its own content to 3 minutes. In this respect, Instagram is expected to increase the Reels limit to this level, ie 3 minutes, in the future.

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In fact, the ads came a long time ago in the feature. However, these were only being tested in certain markets. Last month, a global expansion was made in advertising. Now, advertisements appear in Reels in every market including USA.

As we have said before, this situation does not come as a surprise at all. Instagram’s biggest resource is ads, and the company wants to use it in every possible area.

It is stated that the ads in the reels will appear between the contents and can last up to 30 seconds.

The CEO of the company, Adam Mosseri, who made a statement about this feature in the past months, admitted that he was not fully satisfied with the feature yet and that TikTok was still much ahead on this basis.

Later, it was said that Reels videos from TikTok would not be featured in the application. The company wants to feature its own videos directly because TikTok content has taken over Instagram.

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