Consequences of the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case

Amber Heard v Johnny Depp case: Parties complete their defenses; The jury’s decision will be announced soon.

The tendency of the society to turn to the image of the “devil woman” when it finds an opposite example from harassment to violence is so strong that the main problem in such cases is not to consider that the woman may be guilty as well. A reverse generalizing process begins, such that a man is deemed to be ten times more innocent than a woman(s) when he is even slightly innocent. Rights advocacy always has to grapple with deep prejudices and provocative hostilities, behind the scenes…

Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial Nears End

Consequences of the johnny depp amber heard case 4 gmspors

The series, which has attracted the most attention in the world since April 12, takes place in real life, in a courtroom in America. The lawsuit between two divorced Hollywood stars, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, in which both parties accuse each other of using violence and damaging reputation, has been going on for several weeks before the eyes of the press and the public.

The case draws a lot of attention from fans of both parties, as it not only exposes all the “dirty” details of a heavily toxic relationship, but also appeals to the curiosity of “who will win”. Those who have not had much of a relationship with the two stars at the level of admiration or antipathy before, are easily attached to the case through the myth of the innocent man/wealth hunter, liar, devil woman who is wrongfully accused. We can say that part of the ongoing trial is conducted through social media. While Johnny Depp is leading the race all around, with his straight line balancing, this case probably won’t have a conventional winner.

What interests me most about the case is the gender prejudices and misogyny it powerfully exposes, rather than the details of private life it contains. When I say that, it will immediately be thought that I am defending Amber Heard. Let me say upfront: I am not on either side regarding the concrete side of the case. I also believe that Amber Heard is a seriously problematic manipulator, that she uses Me Too for her own interests/ego, that she inflicts psychological and even physical violence on Johnny Depp because why not. Evidence shows them.

But no one can make me believe that Johnny Depp is the white spoon out of milk, the innocent man who beat the truth. I will return here and its reasons, but first, for those who do not know, let’s summarize the relationship and the case between the two.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp 2009

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp met on the set of “The Rum Diary” (Bruce Robinson) in 2009. When they met, Johnny Depp, 46, at the height of his fame and charisma, is a powerful actor who has been the object of desire for several generations. He is also married to Vanessa Paradis and has two children. Amber Heard is only half of her age (23), at the beginning of her career, and her future as an actress is somewhat uncertain due to her sexual preferences (with Tasya van Ree at the time). Their love affair with the movie shifts Amber’s image from bisexual to “the young, beautiful partner of the strong-willed man” and makes her more feminine by accepted standards.

The couple, who got married in 2015, divorced 15 months later. Heard said that Depp abused him while under the influence of alcohol and drugs during their relationship, that a photo of him with wounds on his face was on the cover of People magazine and that Depp had been suspended. Depp denies the charges, but agrees to pay $7 million in damages as the couple divorces.

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While the case seems to be closed, Heard’s article written for The Washington Post in 2018 has deep implications about Depp as a male perpetrator of violence who is protected even if he does not use a name.

Depp, who was fired from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel right after the article, claims that his career has been badly damaged due to Heard’s defamation and lies, and he files the lawsuit for defamation, which is currently pending, and demands $50 million in damages from Heard. Heard also filed a counterclaim, seeking $100 million in damages from Depp for both violence and defamation. Depp’s defamation case begins to be heard on April 12, and we have been following this dual case with the whole world since then. At the time I was writing these lines, a petition to expel Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 had received over 2.7 million support.

The case is progressing with the contribution of the successful efforts of both sides, but especially of Depp’s PR team. Videos, GIFs and jokes from sensational witnesses attract a lot of attention. The information that Amber Heard is beating the man aside from getting beaten up by Johnny Depp, Amber’s voice with the kind of psycho calm we are used to seeing in men, “No, I wasn’t punching you, I was hitting you, you can’t not know what the punch is… Don’t be such a baby” sound. fixed condition. I must say that the part that I laughed at the most in this case was a joke inspired by an episode of the TV series “Like”. “He was beating… It’s a process, he didn’t beat once, he beat for a while. So we could beat Johnny Depp if we wanted to.”

Consequences of the johnny depp amber heard case 3 gmspors

Not only did Amber Heard beat her, she also pissed on the bed for a while! The case became very interesting from a psychoanalytic point of view, with the involvement of feces on various bodily secretions from blood to tears. Along with these findings, “Evil woman! Fortune hunter! Lying b*tch!” comments aroused. At the same time as these, the other anxiety that we can guess resurrected / was resurrected. “This woman is doing huge damage to Me Too!”

I’ll start with the last one because that’s one of the things that bothers me the most in this whole thing. Of course, disclosure has its own problems, being open to lies and manipulation is one of them. But in such cases, there are very few instances where the woman distorted the whole process by telling a big lie. Also, what about a single example where women are guilty or seem more guilty, and thousands of women get more attention and rage than violence or harassment or assault? A Me Too opposition awaits, hand in hand with misogynistic misogyny, ready to be provoked at any moment.

Yes, women can lie too, and that’s not nice either. But how do we know that this deep-seated fear that any part of the women’s movement will be swept away by a woman’s lies is innocent? Also, what movement can guarantee the untruthfulness or “victimization” of all its subjects? What is being advocated is not something like “all women are good, all men are bad”. Simply, it should not be forgotten that, based on the fact that violence and harassment is an abuse of power, it happens to women much more often and that women find it difficult to speak up in these situations. The meaning of “Woman’s statement is essential” means that the woman’s statement is not true in all cases. This is a rule that points out that a voice that is very hard to hear should be heard first and be the subject of a lawsuit.

The tendency of the society to turn to the image of the “devil woman” when it finds an opposite example from harassment to violence is so strong that the main problem in such cases is not to consider that the woman may be guilty as well. When a man is even slightly innocent, the reverse process begins, as he is deemed to be ten times more innocent than a woman(s). Rights advocacy always has to grapple with deep prejudices and hostilities that are ready to be provoked for various reasons, behind the scenes…

I am not on the side of Amber Heard on the concrete side of this case, but I said that I would not believe that Johnny Depp was the white spoon of milk. She may not have shown physical violence, but on Amber she threw at her friend Paul Bettany, “Let’s strangle before we burn. Even messages like “I’ll lay out his burned body to make sure he’s dead” at least show that his fantasies are full of violence. In addition, this is a 58-year-old man who has been nourished by the “uncanny but romantic vagrant” image he evokes in women throughout his career, and still enjoys being a “different kid in school”. In real life, however, that uncanny does not have a very stable counterpart outside the field of emotional relationships, nor is there a serious risk he takes in life, a serious dissonance with the world.

It seems certain that he has a tendency towards self-destructiveness, but when he bows to himself by saying “it’s my harm to myself”, I don’t feel anything other than saying “it’s good for you anyway”. Also, as stated in Binnaz Saktanber’s beautiful article, which includes the details of the case and the relationship, this man supported a perpetrator of sexual assault, Roman Polanski, let’s not forget that either.

Men like this piss me off. Those who devour the world, build a space of power and comfort, while at the same time paint an empty image of “opposition to the world” and perform this mostly in the bedroom, in a place where no one cares. In general, women like this also annoy me, but this man is much more. Because “closer to the dark side” gives a positive image to men more. Even though a woman who is fed with such images gets stoned with lust where her foot first stumbles, not much happens to such men. Even their presumed innocence is not harmed. Despite all the power attributed to Me Too and the culture of cancellation, the social tendency to forgive a man, to assume that we have misunderstood and embrace his wounds, is stronger than anything else. In men, it takes the form of complicity. It is easy for most men to keep the existing order as it is, not to be one of their historical privileges (including the ‘freedom’ of harassment and violence), so it is easy to protect a man, if there is even the slightest evidence of his innocence, it is child’s play. Both sexes are more inclined to blame women, with the patriarchy pumped projectism in women (other women failed, I can do it) and competition between women. Therefore, when there is such a case, the question is not whether to be on the side of justice or not.

If they asked me my opinion, I would say, “In this case, the parties seem more or less equally guilty or innocent, and I don’t like either one very much.” I don’t like the Johnny Depp image for the reasons I mentioned. I don’t have any sympathy for Amber Heard either. Because whatever the reason, I don’t like chronic liars and manipulators, regardless of gender.

If a person rises in integrity, not with talent, beauty, difference, hard work, passion for work… In the history of cinema and television, the number of stars who have been able to exist for many years by transforming the narcissistic fragility and power of beauty into a self-image with her talent and effort is less than expected. The garbage dump of capitalism is still filled with the “corpses” of beauties who have gone mad or have been driven mad after playing the role they had been given. Here, I am not talking about the diagnosis of “borderline/histrionic personality disorder” that a psychologist voiced in court for Amber Heard. I’m talking about the pervasive insanity of beauty’s meta value. Since this is an image attributed to more women, it is more common in female stars. When women get older naturally, their “final state is heartbreaking”, while men keep their expenses at more mature ages. We are still more inclined to perceive wrinkles as symbols of attractiveness, in men than in women.

When this heavy beauty, the pressure of youth, the destructive results of the world’s desire to chew and spit on the beauty of the world, is met with a “tragic end” in an actress, as in the example of Marilyn Monroe, the picture is completed because we can still see the woman in a very aggrieved state. But when someone like Amber, crazy or not, shows a very unusual demeanor, cheats on the man she is with, beats him on top of him, pisses him on his bed, and then lies about the process, he looks ten times more guilty than a male perpetrator who did all these things. Because what she demolishes is also the image of an acceptable and victimized woman.

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There is no moral judgment in my assessment. I do not think that demolishing the image of an acceptable and victimized woman is a revolutionary act in any case. A liar is a liar. But when you put all kinds of power into the hands of one sex and take the right to “not be agreeable” or “not as sympathetic as one would like” from the other, the results always work in favor of power.

Our staunch belief in truth and untruth is not the only reason why we don’t even consider “bad people” like Amber Heard worthy of the tragic place where we embraced Anna Karenina’s jumping under the train after forbidden love and Marilyn Monroe’s suspicious suicide. (I wish it was.) Gender inequality that doesn’t want to leave much of a gray area for women other than being an angel or a demon.

I am not a party to this case. I just think there’s a far greater danger that the results of any lawsuit should be used to fuel widespread misogyny than the risk of a lying woman bringing Me Too down.

Amber Heard v Johnny Depp case: Parties complete their defenses; Jury decision awaited

The lawyers of famous actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard made their final defense to persuade the jury in the ongoing trial in Fairfax, USA. The judge asked the 7-person jury to explain its decision.

The hearing, in which the final defenses were presented, started at 09:00 local time on Friday. After the defenses, Judge Penney Azcarate asked the jurors to begin deliberations to make a decision.

The jury must take the decision unanimously.

Jury members also have to determine the amount of money the winning side is entitled to. Johnny Depp filed a defamation lawsuit for $50 million and Amber Heard for $100 million.

During the Depp and Heard trial, which has been the most followed case of recent years and has been going on for about six weeks, dozens of witnesses, including family members, close friends, managers, psychologists, surgeons, and financial experts, were consulted.

During the trial, both parties submitted audio recordings, photographs, e-mail and SMS correspondences regarding their private lives to the court as evidence.

In his last statement, Johnny Depp said that he had never been sexually or physically assaulted in his life and argued that the charges against him were “cruel”.

Amber Heard, on the other hand, said that his ex-wife, whom he said he loved very much, turned into a ‘monster’ when he took cocaine and alcohol. Amber Heard also claimed that Depp threatened to ‘disgrace the world’ if she broke up with him.

In the lawsuit followed by millions of people, Amber Heard is almost ‘demonized’ on social media. According to some women writers, this trial has hit the #metoo wave.

Referring to her being targeted on social media, Amber Heard said in her statement on Thursday, “I’ve been humiliated, threatened, harassed every day…just because I’ve been in this courtroom.” He said he had received hundreds of threatening messages.

In the case that started on April 11, John Depp, on the other hand, received the cheers and support of his fans every time he came to the courtroom.

Johnny depp and amber heards relationship from past to present 1 1024x752 1 gmspors

Amber Heard says that Depp’s violence against herself started in 2012 and argues that it is getting more and more frequent. Heard states that his ex-wife humiliated and insulted him many times out of jealousy.

Depp, on the other hand, said that once in an incident of violence, a bottle was thrown at him, and as a result, the tip of his finger was severed. A surgeon testifying in court stated that it was highly unlikely that the finger would be severed by throwing a bottle. However, the same surgeon added that he never examined John Depp.

Finally, British model Kate Moss denied the claim that she was pushed down the stairs by Depp, saying that she had never been subjected to Depp’s violence.

Heard, who is an actor like Depp, started their relationship in 2011, and the couple got married in 2015. But Amber Heard filed for divorce in May 2016, claiming she was subjected to domestic violence and harassment. The couple divorced in early 2017.

The case of the famous actor, which is currently pending, is targeting his ex-wife Heard. Heard wrote in the Washington Post in 2018, describing himself as “a public figure representing domestic violence” without naming Depp.

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