Confessions of Turkish Actor Burak Deniz: Paris Hilton researched me

Burak Deniz explained: The confession that Paris Hilton researched me

New season makes a strong start and every week and challenging PSM 100% Studio scenes from both challenging PSM YouTube channel from Turkey in many parts of the millions who managed to reach the audience, “The Night Abraham Selim” in this week’s surprise guest was the handsome actor John Sea.

Actor Burak Deniz said that Paris Hilton, the heir of Hilton hotels, put intermediaries to meet him.

When he saw Aris Hilton, he humorously stated that Hilton would want to have dinner with him. Deniz said Hilton had previously sought the help of a Turk to learn about him. Speaking about his interest in Yeşilçam cinema, the actor also said about how İnanır was compared to Kadir İnanır with # 8220; Karagözlüm # 8221; He said he thought he looked like his movie. Recently published on a digital platform # 8220; Unfinished Love # 8221; Underlining that he had an intense set about his TV series for a long time, Deniz also underlined that the work they created was satisfactory for him.


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Paris Hilton (@parishilton)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

“Paris Hilton would like to have dinner with me.”

From music, stand-up, humor to current issues; Deniz’s sincere confessions were also marked in the program, where fun-filled moments touched every aspect of the culture.

The handsome actor Burak Deniz, who draws attention with his sincere attitude in matters related to him, said, “Which of these names would you like to have dinner with?” The entertaining game of the show that posed the question “Is it? Is this?” He also shared the information that when he saw Paris Hilton in a humorous way, Paris Hilton would want to go out to dinner with him and that Hilton had previously applied for the help of a Turkish person to get information about him.

Speaking about his interest in Yeşilçam cinema, the handsome actor said that he thinks İnanır is similar to his “Karagözlüm” movie about the likening of Yeşilçam’s legendary jennel Kadir İnanır. Underlining that he had an intense set about the “Unfinished Love” series, which was recently published on a digital platform, Burak Deniz also underlined that the work they have revealed is satisfactory for him.

What did Paris Hilton say about the sex tape?

Paris Hilton recently made a statement about the sex tape. So what did Paris Hilton, who continues to speak in the documentary about her life on YouTube, say about the sex tape? Let’s be Molatik …

Continuing to speak in the documentary about her life published on YouTube, Paris Hilton made a new statement recently and talked about the sex tape from years ago. “It was the most painful experience of my life,” he said about the tape.

The leakage of Paris Hilton’s moments with Rick Salomon on the internet in 2001 after being on camera created a big agenda. In fact, the tape was published two years after it was shot, without Paris Hilton’s knowledge and approval. According to the allegations, Hilton had no idea about the incident. This subject continued to be discussed for a long time due to the events that took place in this way.

Almost 20 years have passed since the incident and Paris Hilton is now 39 years old. Paris Hilton says that even after all this time the incident still haunts her. Let’s look at some of his explanations together:

“It was the most painful experience of my life. It really made me lose my faith in love, trust, and men, and it really broke my heart. I was judged by a special moment between two people that no one should see for the rest of my life. When the tape came out I was a young girl who only trusted someone. “It would have been very different if it happened today. So I’m happy that a lot of things have changed and a woman is no longer ashamed and seen as a victim of such a thing. But at that time I wasn’t lucky enough to be treated that way.”

Digital environment has created a very different persona
(Paris Hilton)

First of all, there is no need to say a word about Paris Hilton on such a subject. He made a proper and justified statement until the end. But if something like this happened today, I guess it would not be much different again.

Because the digital environment has created a very different persona and people there become even more aggressive and open-minded. Of course the private field cannot be violated. Nothing can be made public without a person’s knowledge. These are immutable things wherever we go in the world. However, unfortunately such incidents still happen. Let’s get to the topic …

I think it is important for Paris Hilton to make a clear statement on the issue. Because these kinds of issues are subjects that have not cooled over the years. That’s why it was all right for Paris Hilton to dare and speak out. It needs to be talked about so that the evil is revealed.

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