Confessions of Grace Morris, the Waitress in Bikini

Confessions of the Bikini Waiter Grace Morris was greeted with interest by thousands of her followers.

I make $800 a day but nobody knows the dark side! 20-year-old Grace Morris from the USA started working at Pink Sugar Espresso in Washington about a year ago and kept her job a secret for months. The young woman, who works as a barista in a bikini at a cafe, revealed that she can earn almost $800 a day in tips alone, but she says there’s a dark side to the job, too.

I make $800 a day but it’s not easy

Grace Morris I make $800 a day, but nobody knows the dark side.

The beautiful woman, who has close to 350 thousand followers on social media and has agreements with clothing brands, works as a bikini barista. She loves her job and earns good money. Grace said her customers only lined up to buy groceries or pay rent. Stating that they do not benefit from men who offer them such opportunities as baristas in bikinis, the young woman said that these offers continue to come whether they accept it or not, and that this is part of their job.

However, Grace added that the dark side of this business is that some customers can become aggressive and cross the border. She revealed that during her first week on the job, a client jumped in her car and watched her through the window and masturbated. She said she had clients joking about grabbing her by the hand and dragging her into their car,and that she once had to report a man stalking herself and get a restraining order.

Saying that despite all these difficulties, her job gives her great confidence, Grace added that she earns about 14 dollars an hour, but this wage reaches almost 800 dollars on a good day. Saying that this job taught her how to deal with uncomfortable situations and gain control, the young woman said, “I claim my sexuality.”

I’m a barista in a bikini earning up to $800 a day in tips. Clients can be aggressive, but it has given me the confidence to handle awkward situations.

  • Beauty Morris is a 20-year-old swimsuit barista in Lacey, Washington.
  • Despite the fact that it compensates fairly and she appreciates it, Morris says there’s a clouded side to her work.
  • She’s managed everything from lascivious remarks to stalkers — yet doesn’t anticipate stopping at any point in the near future.
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I did the interview with my current manager. I had a test done during the hiring process, the manager wanted to see if I felt comfortable talking to clients in a bikini. You need to have confidence in yourself to be able to deal with such a task. Every day we have different themes, for example: on Monday we wear a military suit, on Tuesday we wear a topless (we wear a tie), on Wednesday we wear a pink suit and so on.

At one point, a client offered me $350 for saying I was trying to raise money for a car. What really surprised me was that customers paid for my shopping and rent. My colleague and I went on vacation to Hawaii and paid all the expenses.

Some girls sent customers a wish list. I didn’t try to take advantage of the clients who offered it to me, whether we admit it or not, these things happen often in this profession. Our cafe’s customers are male, but since I started sharing my work on Tik Tok, many women have come to see me.


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