Claudia Jordan Trashed for Tweeting to DMX, Lawyer Reveals Rapper Still Receiving Life Support

Claudia Jordan Was Trashed For Tweeting To DMX, Her Attorney Says The Rapper Is Still On Life Support. After Claudia Jordan tweeted on DMX, her lawyer explained that the rapper was still struggling to survive and apologized by Claudia Jordan.

Claudia Jordan posted a mistaken message on Twitter saying DMX had died and was destroyed notwithstanding rapidly saying ‘sorry’

Prior, the Fox Soul have posted the note, “Rest In Paradise DMX” with a crown and imploring emoticon. The issue is DMX is as yet dynamic and battling for his life in basic condition.

Fans were irate with Jordan for rashly posting the message simultaneously his family is imploring at his bedside for him to recuperate. One individual scrutinized her intentions remarking, “You put the T in cheap, you are continually pulling stunts like this sketti lashes. Continuously.”

Another answered, “No what you do is permit the family to post an articulation of the people passing then you send you sympathies consciously.”

A few minutes after the fact, Jordan erased the first tweet and posted a statement of regret. She stated, “I’m grieved” with the asking emoticon.

Claudia jordan trashed for tweeting to dmx lawyer reveals rapper still receiving life support gmspors

As Radar recently revealed, a week ago, DMX was hurried to a New York clinic after he endured an excess while at home. He purportedly had a coronary episode in the wake of ingesting an excessive number of medications.

DMX has been in a state of extreme lethargy for a few days. His cerebrum was denied of oxygen very nearly 30 minutes after the excess. His condition has not changed since he was conceded.

DMX’s director, Steve Rifkind, says specialists are set to play out a progression of tests on Wednesday. The tests are to see the degree of mind work

Sources say DMX has had “little cerebrum movement” and the anticipation isn’t solid. The outcomes from Wednesday’s test will decide the subsequent stage they take with his consideration.

Rifkind discussed individuals like Jordan posting falsehood. He said, “DMX is at present in a coma and in a state of insensibility. There are numerous individuals with erroneous data about his prosperity and it isn’t useful and beneficial.”

“Tomorrow he will go through additional tests on his mind capacity and his family will figure out what’s best from that point. We value your petitions and backing,” he finished.

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