Claudia Conway, the crazy girl with a million followers in Tiktok

Claudia Conway increases her popularity on tiktok with her interesting videos. Despite being one of the most remarkable girls on Instagram, Claudia Conway hasn’t managed to become as popular as on tiktok.

Claudia Conway reveals her beauty along with her tiktok success. Conway is known as a model and social media creator in her career.

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Claudia Conway had 16 successes and seems to have surprised many. Despite the age of 16, Tiktok’s daughter Claudia Conway looks like a young girl in her 20s thanks to her physique and beauty.

Kellyanne Conway’s 16-year-old daughter took an ugly look at family life

On January 25, previous Trump guide Kellyanne Conway was blamed for posting bare photographs of her 16-year-old girl Claudia to Twitter’s brief stories highlight, Fleets. As indicated by some Twitter clients, Kellyanne’s record shared a picture of Claudia topless.

In since-erased TikToks, Claudia said that the photograph was of her and that she presumed her mom had snapped a photo of it while claiming her telephone. She additionally said she speculated that Kellyanne’s telephone was hacked. “I’m shaking, I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do,” she says in a single video. “Kellyanne you will screwing prison,” she says in another. Twitter revealed to Variety that it is exploring the occurrence.

However in spite of a prompt clamor of help and help for Claudia, including a viral call to send a tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and hashtags like #SaveClaudiaConway and #JusticeForClaudia, Claudia again went to TikTok to send what she says is a last message on Tuesday morning.

“I shouldn’t have disclosed this all,” she composed. “Kindly help me out and quit spreading it since it harms me more than it helps me.” Addressing past recordings in which she said that in the event that she at any point repudiated something she said on TikTok, she said, “This isn’t constrained, this is coming totally from me. I have confidence and I realize that my mom could never put something to that effect on the web.”

In the wake of declaring that she was taking a break from online media, she said, “Please no dangers, no calls to specialists.” Many of her supporters and concerned people on Twitter stay persuaded that these recordings were not made willingly.

The posted photograph is unquestionably the most recent in an alarming timetable of Conway relational intricacies playing out on the web. A week ago Claudia, girl of Kellyanne and against Trump Republican lawyer George Conway, claimed that her mom has been “genuinely, intellectually, and sincerely harmful” on TikTok.

On January 19, Claudia posted a progression of recordings seeming to show Kellyanne yelling, reviling oftentimes, deprecating, and apparently hitting her little girl. Claudia said she had been recording their battles for quite a long time, and that these models were just a small bunch of numerous for the duration of her life.

Some of what can be heard in the video, apparently Kellyanne addressing Claudia: “Screw you!” “Bitch.” “In the event that you just understood people’s opinion about you.” In another, she guarantees, “You can’t get Covid from the president.” (Kellyanne tried positive for Covid-19 in the wake of going to a gathering facilitated by then-President Trump.)

During the evening of January 20, Claudia kept in touch with adherents, “similar to I’m not in any event, joking if any of you live in this space come shot in the arm” under a video of a lady who gives off an impression of being Kellyanne disclosing to police that she feels hazardous.

Claudia has been vocal about her reformist convictions and her troublesome relationship with her mom on TikTok since the previous summer, when she upheld Black Lives Matter and more than once voiced her disdain of Trump. At that point, in October, she was quick to report that her mom was giving indications of Covid-19 subsequent to going to a White House festivity for Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court assignment. (Vox endeavored to contact both Kellyanne and Claudia Conway for input.)

Promptly, Claudia was proclaimed by grown-ups on Twitter as an image of Gen Z insurgency, an American saint, and a preferred columnist over Bob Woodward. However Claudia herself has said that is not the point she trusts individuals take from her recordings: All she needs to do, she says, is “show my side of the story.”

Her side of the story, based on what she’s shown us, is nerve racking. Here is her video named “a Coronavirus recap with kelly,” which portrays a progression of put-downs and the line, “You’re fortunate your mother’s expert life.” Claudia remarked under it that “it’s alarming how this lady stood firm on the footing as perhaps the most influential lady in this nation like.” (The substance in the accompanying recordings might be upsetting for certain watchers.)

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Who is Tiktok Star Claudia Conway?

We’ll give you some information about Tiktok star Claudia Conway.

Well known TikTok star who is best perceived for her claudiamconway TikTok account where she has posted lip-sync and dance recordings. She acquired a lot of consideration in August 2020 after she declared via online media that she was looking for liberation from her folks. She uncovered the news subsequent to discovering that her mom, Kellyanne Conway, was talking at the Republican National Convention.

She started posting on TikTok in 2015, when the application was known as

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She has posted various parted screen TikTok two part harmonies featurings individuals from the Sway House like Bryce Hall and Noah Beck. She has gathered over 1.7 million devotees on TikTok.

Her dad’s name is George and she has three kin named Vanessa, Charlotte and George.

She posted a TikTok video set to the Doja Cat melody “Say as much” in January 2020.

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Claudia Conway Increases Popularity on Instagram

Tiktok star Claudia Conway continues to share on Instagram. Although Claudia Conway has not yet shown her success in tiktok on Instagram, she managed to reach more than 184 thousand followers. The tiktok star, who photographed with her boyfriend from her profile photo on Instagram, offers information about her private life to her followers.

Claudia Conway continues her relationship with her boyfriend Carmelo Velardo without slowing down. The Tiktok girl shares photos with her boyfriend Carmelo Velardo as a happy couple on social media.


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claudiamconway received a record number of likes

She gained a record level of likes from her followers with the videos she shared on her tiktok account with the username Claudiamconway. Claudia also managed to collect more than 76.5 million likes on her tiktok account.

@claudiamconwaydraft but i’m going live on instagram in like ten minutes 🙏🙏🙏♬ Bust Your Knee Caps – amanda

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