Churchill Owaci from Uganda was beaten to death by his teammates !

The footballer who caused the goal was beaten to death by his teammates. In a local league match played in Uganda, a football player named Churchill Owaci, 22, who made the mistake that caused his team to score, was beaten to death by his teammates after the fight.

There was a scandalous event in a match played in a local league in the Lamwo district of Uganda. According to the news on the Daily Monitor, a football player named Churchill Owaci was beaten by his teammates for causing his team to score. The 22-year-old young actress, who was taken to the hospital’s emergency room, died.

Scandal in the match played in the Uganda Amateur League!

During the match played in the Uganda Amateur League, a football player was beaten to death by his teammates after his team scored due to his mistake. Churchill Owaci, 22, who played in the Lamwo District league in Uganda, paid for his mistake in the match.

Owaci, who played in the defense position, made a mistake during the match and this mistake was turned into a goal by the opponents. The teammates, who got angry with the goal, attacked the young football player. The fight ended with the intervention of the security guards and the rival team players and the match continued from where it left off.

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When the ball she missed was a goal, her teammates beat and killed the football player:

Churchill Owaci had a fight with his teammates who attacked him after the match. With a punch he threw at a teammate standing on a bicycle, he knocked him down.

Other friends also broke down on Owaci. The ovac─▒, who escaped from his friends, lost consciousness and fell to the ground after running a few meters. The 22-year-old football player, who was hospitalized by the citizens, died an hour later.

Police said that the investigation into the incident is continuing and that two people who were siblings so far have been detained.

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