Christopher Fisher breaks restraining order for sending Instagram messages to his ex-girlfriend

Christopher Fisher broke the ban on sending Instagram messages to his ex-girlfriend by saying “I wish you were dead” in some of his messages.

A ‘risky’ stalker has been imprisoned for pestering his ex.

Christopher Fisher was recently allowed a 16-month sentence for following his 26-year-old ex back in 2020. When set free from jail, in February 2021, he broke his limiting request and started manhandling the casualty by and by.

The 30-year-old, of no decent location, set up various Instagram records to send compromising and harmful messages to the lady. In a portion of the messages the he told her “I wish you were dead” and “I trust it bears a lot for yourself and you choose to end things.”

Fisher conceded to following inflicting damage and breaking a limiting request subsequent to transferring oppressive posts on Instagram that were focused on the person in question. The lady’s companion saw the posts, which made her worried for the casualty’s wellbeing, and made her mindful of them.

In something like a month Fisher then started sending the casualty direct messages from a few Instagram accounts utilizing various names. The messages went on until April 2021 when Fisher was captured and arrested and addressed no remark to all questions put to him.

During the examination police held onto Fisher’s telephone and found looks for the casualty alongside screen captures and following sites. Condemning Fisher, Judge Simon Berkson called him a ‘risky’ wrongdoer.

Analyst Sergeant Kevin Green, of Ellesmere Port neighborhood policing unit, said: “Fisher’s activities and conduct enormously influenced the casualty whenever he first was condemned. He then, at that point, decided to torture her again upon his delivery from jail in spite of the controlling request put on him.

“Justifiably it left her inclination significantly troubled and brought back her feelings of trepidation and uneasiness. She reached the police and Fisher was remanded keeping his way of behaving from heightening.

“While we couldn’t have ever maintained that her should be set in this position once more, he has been given a more extreme sentence alongside the controlling request expanding endlessly, and I trust this empowers her to begin to have a good sense of reassurance once more.”

His latest post is on Facebook.

Fisher’s latest post on facebook was “Just me in my silver screen debut, HUGE thanks to Lisa Schwartz Lobel and Boston Casting, Inc. for this dream come true. Everybody was such a delight to work with, the cast and crew both welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like part of the family even if I was just a day player. Truly a remarkable experience with artists at the top of their game. Fascinating story, great writing, stellar acting, and beautiful cinematography. Everyone, do yourself a favor and check out…”

Christopher Fisher also reduced his shares on Instagram. He is facing charges of molesting his ex-girlfriend.

His last post on social media was on Facebook.

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