Chrissy Teigen wanted, Joe Biden unfollowed on Twitter

Chrissy Teigen, the only celebrity US President Joe Biden followed on Twitter, asked Biden to unfollow him. Biden fulfilled Teigen’s request in a short time. So why was Teigen uncomfortable with Biden following him?

Famous model and presenter Chrissy Teigen was unfollowed by US President Joe Biden’s official Twitter account called POTUS at her request.

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The 35-year-old model, who frequently tweets low-profile, was one of 13 people followed by the president of his country on Twitter, and the only celebrity. “Please leave me unfollowed. I love you. It’s not you, it’s me,” said Teigen, implying that he did not want Biden to see his poor quality tweets with a message he wrote yesterday to his POTUS account. Teigen, who did not want the US President to see his swearing tweets, posted a swearing tweet after Biden stopped following him and wrote “I’m free” at the end.

President Biden will quickly see Teigen’s request that she removed the famous model from follow-up even two hours after the request tweet.

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“I have been blocked by the President for four years, please, can I get a follow-up?” Teigen tweeted on the day of the inauguration that Biden took over the presidency. he said. In responding to one of his comments, Teigen used the phrase “It was just a stupid joke because I am a loser” about the request for presidential follow-up, but was followed by the POTUS account.

Teigen married the famous singer John Legend in 2013 and has a daughter named Luna at the age of four and a son named Miles at the age of two. The famous model lost her baby when she was pregnant for the third time in September.

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