Chris Evans Leaked Grand Captain America Nude Photos

Chris Evans leaked his nude photos on Instagram

It’s being reported that Chris Evans leaked nude images of himself on Instagram, but quickly deleted the offending images.

As a result, “Captain America” is now trending on Twitter with almost 7,000 tweets and “Chris Evans” features a whopping 123k tweets.

It’s unclear how the pictures may have leaked as it’s said the d-ck pic was released on Chris Evans’ Instagram Story.

The image leaked features twelve views of Chris Evans which looks to be a screengrab from a telephone with a number of the pictures having a timestamp; the ninth pick within the collage is that the “Captain America” d-ck pic, with another image having a text overlay that states “guard that p-ssy.”

Fans reacted to leaked nude photos of Chris Evans from Reddit and other social networks


Chris Evans has been trending on Twitter for accidentally sharing an image of a penis—and fans try to form sure it doesn’t get circulated.

The “Captain America” star shared a video on Instagram Stories of him playing the charades game “Heads Up” on Sept. 12. However, the video clothed to be a screen recording, and when it ended, it visited the camera roll where an X-rated photo was seen, Just Jared reported.

Another photo visible within the camera roll was a meme of Evans with the statement “Guard that p*ssy”.

It is unclear whose screen recording the video was and who owns the leaked photo of a penis.

please respect chris evans privacy, he suffers from anxiety and spreading the pictures only make things worse. please delete & don’t share! he deserves privacy. it was a mistake. anyways here’s a picture of chris evans looking cute with a dog

— 𝐛𝐭 (@aotdts) September 13, 2020

Some also posted reminders that Evans suffers from anxiety and encouraged others to respect his privacy.

Evans’s “Avengers” costar Mark Ruffalo also gave him words of comfort in a tweet on Sunday.

“Bro, while [President Donald] Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See… silver lining,” he said.

Woke up surrounded by wildfires,
have to go to the airport so I can go yell at cars for an hour as a job, and just saw Captain America’s pee pee on my timeline

2020 rly ain’t lettin off the gas I see

— Sully (@SullivanKing) September 12, 2020

Captain America is indeed a troublemaker 🤣🤣🤣🤣

What is this ?

— LANKY 👑 💡 (@ThatLankyBoi) September 11, 2020

Thank you Captain America

— WhiteFeminismGonnaKillUsAll (@PurpleReign14) September 12, 2020

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