Chris Evans named sexiest man in the world (that photo)

American actor Chris Evans, who gave life to Marvel’s beloved character Captain America, was named the ‘sexiest man alive’ by People magazine this year. Here’s what you need to know about Chris Evans, the sexiest man in the world…

Chris evans named sexiest man in the world

PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive is adding a real superhero to its ranks, as Chris Evans has been named this year’s honoree.

“My mom will be so happy,” Evans tells PEOPLE of being named the 2022 Sexiest Man Alive. “She’s proud of everything I do but this is something she can really brag about.” And he’s right: his mom Lisa tells PEOPLE, “I am not surprised at all. Our family will be beside themselves.”

“This whole thing is tough to be interviewed about,” Evans says with a laugh. “It feels like a weird form of humble bragging.” He adds that if you were tell a younger version of himself this honor would one day be his, “he’d be pumped! This would probably be the road to the cool table which I was not at.”

People magazine, which has chosen the “sexiest man in the world” every year since 1985, chose US actor Chris Evans this year. The 41-year-old actress, originally from Boston, was on the cover of People magazine for taking this title.

Sharing that he is very happy to be awarded the title of ‘the sexiest man in the world’, Evans said, “I will look at this cover when the days come when I get old and drooping. I feel lucky to even be included among the candidates,” he said.

Stating that her mother would be very happy with this news, the star said, “My mother is proud of everything I do, but this will be something she can really brag about.”

The actress, who was not married before and did not have children yet, told People magazine that he wanted to marry and have children one day.

Evans, who was shooting the movie Red One with Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson, who was previously selected as the sexiest man in the world, did not neglect to celebrate his election as the sexiest man in the world by meeting with Johnson.


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The most well-known role of the actor, who met the audience in many different roles, is undoubtedly Captain America. Evans, who was included in the Marvel universe as the ‘First Avenger’, is in World War II. He played Steve Rogers, a super soldier developed by the Americans in World War II.

The star, who said goodbye to the Marvel universe with Avengers: Endgame, the last movie of the Avengers series, said that she would not have reached this point in her career without the role of Captain America.

Captain America isn’t actually Evans’ first superhero role. The actor portrayed the character of the Human Torch, who can shoot fire from his body, in the movie Fantastic Four (2005).

Knives Taken (2019), one of the successful projects that the actor has been involved in recently, received full marks from the critics with its star cast and mysterious story.

Evans’ latest project is The Gray Man (2022). The actor, who came together with the Russo brothers, the director of The Avengers, was accompanied by Ryan Gosling in the lead roles.

The actor, who sat in the director’s chair for the first time with the movie Night Ends (2014), also took the lead role in the movie.

Evans starred in Avengers series co-stars Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth and the Hollwyood Chinese Theater had attended the ceremony of cementing their fingerprints.

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