Chris Evans made an unexpected move after sharing his genitals

The unexpected move from Chris Evans who accidentally shared his genitals on Instagram!

US star actor Chris Evans broke his silence after accidentally sharing a photo of his genitals on social media. The famous actor, who turned the incident of 6 million people into a political opportunity, called by saying “vote on November 3”.


After the American actor shared his dirty photo, it became the agenda. Having the opportunity to be on the agenda, the actress made an unexpected move after her dirty photo! On November 3, the United States said to vote in the slagon elections.

The star of the ‘Avengers’ series, Chris Evans, accidentally shared a photo of his genitals from the story section of his Instagram account.

The nude photo of the 39-year-old actor who forgot to cut the last part of the video he uploaded to his story while playing games with his followers was revealed.

Chris Evans, who was on the agenda in many countries after his dirty photo, turned his situation into an opportunity and addressed his followers. After his dirty photo, he touched on the 3rd November elections to change the subject.

Although Evans noticed his mistake and deleted the photo immediately, the post in question had spread over the internet from his 6 million followers account. The American player, who is on the agenda in social media, wrote the message “Now I am drawing your attention. Vote on November 3” on his Twitter account.

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Chris Evans Quickly Gains Followers After Genitalia

While everyone was waiting for an apology, it was discussed that the star player turned such an event into an opportunity. After Chris Evans came to the fore, the number of followers started to increase rapidly. The American actress turned the opportunity to be on the agenda by gaining followers after her dirty photo. While waiting for a message, many people touched on that election race.

Chris Evans is known for encouraging fans to be politically active. The world-famous actress, who attracted attention with the subject of nude photography, turned this situation into an opportunity for a political call.

Chris Evans, who accidentally shared his nude photo on social media, broke his silence for the first time after being ridiculed. The actor, who was on the agenda after the sharing, called for the US Presidential elections. “Now I’m getting your attention,” Evans said on his Twitter page. Vote on November 3rd! ” shared his message

When Evans skipped cutting the last part of the video he had uploaded to his story while playing Heads Up with his followers, his nude photo was revealed.

Evans is known for encouraging fans to be active on political issues. The famous actor had launched a website called ‘A Starting Point’ that gives elected leaders from both parties the chance to connect with voters.

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