Chris Evans finally spoke about his Shakira affair

Chris Evans finally spoke about the allegations of an affair with Shakira. The famous actor stated that the news on social media were unfounded.

A few bits of gossip have coursed since Shakira and Gerard Pique chose to separate following 12 years together. From the second that the news broke, their separation is quite possibly the most talked about subjects on friendly medium.

As a matter of fact, one of the most recentstories to arise is that the well known vocalist and entertainer Chris Evans have followed each other on Instagram.

Starting there on, there are web-based entertainment clients who guess on an expected undertaking between the two big names.

In must be noticed that Evans follows only 221 individuals on Instagram, the greater part of whom are entertainers and Marvel castmates.

Evans finds out about Shakira gossip

Chris Evans was quite surprised to learn about his relationships on social media. He finally made a statement about the news that he might be having an affair with Shakira.

A Univision writer got some information about his choice to follow Shakira via online entertainment at an occasion that was held at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California.

“I’ve never met her, but I am a big fan,” said Evans, who was then asked if he would participate in one of her video clips.

“Oh god, I would be very embarrassed standing next to her. She is too good at it.”

Is Chris Evans in a relationship?

Christopher Robert “Chris” Evans is an American actor. Evans was born on June 13, 1981 in Boston, United States. Evans’ first major role was as Jake WyIer in 2001’s Not Another Teen Movie.

As far as we can confirm, Chris Evans entered 2022 alone. We can’t say that Chris is in a serious relationship at the moment. The Hollywood actor conveyed to his relatives that he did not have a relationship yet and that he did not feel ready for it. He has many female fans and it sure surprises everyone that a handsome man is single for now.

Chris Evans is right now not wedded. Evans dated entertainer Jessica Biel for a long time (between 2001-2006) and evidently were examining marriage and children, yet the relationship finished before a commitment. Jessica Biel proceeded to wed vocalist and entertainer Justin Timberlake.

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