The Claim That People After CoronaVirus Will Be Placed With A Chip Is On The Agenda

A Great Suggestion After “CoronaVirus” That Wreaked All Around The World Was Launched In Front Of Humanity. Many world-renowned technology companies announced that they consider this proposition quite logical. So, What Will Happen After the CoronaVirus When People Chip?

Elon Musk will chip the human brain

Elon Musk explained that they have a goal to establish a direct connection between people and computers, thanks to a chip to be placed in the human brain.

In his presentation at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, the leading name of companies that break ground in fields such as SpaceX and Tesla stated that it may take time to implement the project, but the first prototype could be placed in a human brain at the end of next year. Musk stressed that the real compelling procedure will be the necessary permits.

Neuralink, the company that Musk founded in 2016, aims to develop brain-machine interfaces with very high bandwidth.

In 2017, the company announced that their first goal with this device was to reduce symptoms caused by chronic diseases.

But the tech world thought Musk traditionally had a bigger plan. Because Musk often warned that the dizzying developments in the field of artificial intelligence would become a situation that could endanger the human generation in the future.

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Once you have a super person, you can take out your loan money. ‘
On the question of whether the cost of installing chips will be high, Musk said:

“I think you can pay the loan you get when you have Superinsan intelligence.”

48-year-old Musk Forbes ranks 40th on the list of the richest people in the world. He played a role in the establishment and growth of companies such as PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company.

Why 3,000 Swedes Are Installing Chip

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Worldwide, it is estimated that the number of “cyborg” injected into the body reached 10 thousand. Sweden, where there are many microchip companies, is the country with the most people “chipped” with 3 thousand people.

Last year, a company called Swedish-based Epicenter launched the application of chip placement under the skin of its employees.

Thanks to the microchips in the size of rice placed under the skin of the hand through the syringe, employees began to use all the devices within the company and enter the company without an ID card.

The chip placed under the skin is called “RFID”. The chip, which has an antenna, does not need batteries. After it is placed under the skin with the help of the syringe, it sends an RFID code. This code allows you to communicate with the technologies around.

According to Patrick Mesterton, CEO of the company, employees are extremely satisfied with this practice. Experts state that the personality rights can be easily violated with the chips placed under the skin and a lot of confidential information such as health can be easily accessed.

Approval of Chip on people is considered

A firm in the U.S. state of Florida applied for government approval for the subcutaneous chip.

A technology company located in Florida applied to the U.S. government to request approval for the marketing of a computer chip that will be placed under the skin of people and used for identification. Chips, whose benefits will be felt quickly in airports, nuclear power plants and other security-priority locations, will provide an almost impossible security system. Non-governmental organizations, however, warn that the chip will seriously limit civil liberties.

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