Chenice Seddon Dickson raped by Ngaunde

Chenice Seddon was raped by the vile Dickson Ngaunde, who filmed her unconscious before her tattoos led to her conviction. Chenice has now spoken to the Daily Star about her ordeal.

‘My Magaluf 2017 tattoo trapped the monster rapist who filmed the attack and portrayed me as a bad guy’.

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Chenice Seddon was 20-years of age when a beast recorded himself assaulting her while she was oblivious.

She woke up with wounds yet had no memory or verification that anything evil had occurred.

In that capacity, she was too frightened to even think about making an assault allegation.

Yet, months after the fact, police called her to get some information about two tattoos – including a particular ‘Magaluf 2017’ one on her lower back.

In the wake of affirming they were hers, she was then told a disgusting video was found on a hunter’s telephone of him taking advantage of her.

The man mindful, Dickson Nguande, was even gotten on CCTV taunting her for being inebriated.

Ngaunde, 27, was then indicted for assault and was imprisoned for quite a long time in May 2021.

What’s more, Chenice has now valiantly addressed the Daily Star about her frightening difficulty.

She said: “Being told I’d been assaulted totally transformed me and changed for what seems like forever.

“It has demolished my relationship with men on the grounds that my trust has gone totally.

Chenice seddon dickson raped by ngaunde 2 gmspors

“Regardless of whether a person offers me a beverage I dread he will tranquilize me and take me home and assault me.

“I have a dread of men simply being grimy hunters and that is truly refuse.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea how long it will endure, likely until I can begin having a day to day existence once more.

“Being assaulted made me disdain myself thereafter. How is it possible that someone would take my trust like that?”

Chenice’s horrendous genuine bad dream occurred in September 2019.

In those days, she was sure and active and delighted in celebrating in her old neighborhood of Preston, Lancs.

On one event, she and a buddy wound up at a companion’s home.

The companion called himself Max and he once gave her a lift home following a night out.

That evening, Max had welcomed a buddy, Dickson, over as well.

Chenice didn’t realize Dickson yet had seen him around, depicting him as tranquil and modest.

Reviewing the local party, Chenice said: “We were in Max’s room and there was music on and me and my companion were moving and chiming in to the music.

“Everything appeared all good. However, subsequent to being there just an hour or something like that I just totally passed out.”

Chenice accepts she just drank three vodka and blenders prior to dropping.

What’s more, the following thing she recalled was awakening alone in a bed.

She said: “I actually had my dress on however my body felt unique and I had wounds all over the place.

“Directly consistently I felt strange. I was figuring ‘for what reason wouldn’t i be able to recall that anything’?

“I never get headaches yet I felt poo and my midsection hurt.”

Chenice discovered her companion who additionally had no memory of the earlier evening.

Notwithstanding, her buddy said she’d caught Max and Dickson talking that morning.

Furthermore, it was reputed Dickson and Chenice had intercourse.

Chenice was horrified when she discovered and addressed for what reason she’d lay down with somebody she didn’t discover alluring.

In any case, with her memory clear, she before long started to question herself.

Chenice seddon dickson raped by ngaunde 3 gmspors

She said: “I began thinking imagine a scenario where I laid down with him and how is it possible that I would be so idiotic.

“I would not like to raise any ruckus by proposing assault since that could demolish someone’s life and I didn’t recall or have evidence.”

Chenice moved toward Dickson days after the fact however the defeatist said he was unable to recall whether the pair had intercourse.

What’s more, for the following not many months, Chenice was left in obscurity concerning what had befallen her.

Then, at that point, in January 2021, the police called.

She said: “The lady said they were building a body of evidence against Amos Ocheng and Dickson Ngaunde.

“I asked what amos’ identity was and they said he here and there called himself Max.

“By then I resembled wow… Later I affirmed my tattoos and they said they discovered the video on Dickson’s telephone of him assaulting me oblivious.

“My heart recently sank. I began crying since I realized something had occurred however I was unable to bring it up.”

Chenice consented to help the examination subsequent to discovering Ocheng was accepted to have assaulted a 14-year-old young lady.

The sickos denied the charges and made Chenice go through a horrendous preliminary.

She said: “I did it through a video feed and I needed to keep down tears when I heard them address affirm their names.

“It made me so frightened that I moved out of Preston.

“The guard group said I used to be a stripper and I began crying since I was told no one would utilize my work against me. It was casualty accusing.

“Dickson contended that I was asking for sex and I enjoyed it harsh. He attempted to paint me as a wh**e to get a lesser sentence.”

Fortunately, the two men were sentenced.

Ocheng, 51, was imprisoned for quite a long time for assaulting three young ladies matured somewhere in the range of 14 and 19 while Dickson was confined for 10 for assaulting Chenice.

What’s more, the man professing to be Max was additionally seen as blameworthy of dealing offenses and three counts of providing drugs.

Chenice said: “I got the call affirming the condemning and I just dropped my telephone, tumbled to the floor and cried into my companion’s arms.”

Chenice looked for proficient assistance and was offered antidepressants to help her adapt.

She is currently an understudy doing a youth human science certificate in Liverpool.

Regardless of being in a superior spot, she is as yet tormented by what occurred.

She said: “I’m 22 and my companions can go out and meet young men and go to get-togethers yet I feel really awkward doing that.

“I’m terrified of drinking excessively and placing myself in a weak situation around a person in the event that they misuse it.

“My future associations with men will be demolished and that is not reasonable.”

Furthermore, she needs to share her story to caution others exactly how vicious men can be.

She clarified: “The measure of ladies being killed is lamentable and I’m simply happy my circumstance didn’t end far and away more terrible.

“Finding out with regards to ladies like Sarah Everard who were simply heading back home drives me so crazy.

“Presently I’m alarmed heading back home and I’m generally careful. I thought about Max as a companion and if a companion could allow that to happen to me an outsider wouldn’t reconsider.”

She added: “I’m not standing up in light of the fact that I’m valiant, this is on the grounds that I’m frightened.

“I’m terrified of it happening to one of my companions or my little girl in the event that I at any point have children.

“Regardless of how safe you feel with somebody, simply have your own back. Ladies are killed by their spouses and their own relatives.

“I’ve discovered that the world truly is coldblooded.”

After Ngaunde and Ocheng were condemned, Detective Chief Inspector Steve Holgate said: “I might want to compliment as a matter of first importance the valiance of the young ladies who have announced these offenses and gone through the preliminary cycle.

“It can’t have been a simple encounter to remember how was dealt with them yet these feelings would not have been conceivable without them and I am thankful for what they have done.”

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