Charlotte Caniggia, model daughter of Argentine legend Claudio Caniggia, caught coronavirus

Charlotte Caniggia caught in coronavirus

Charlotte Caniggia, the model daughter of Argentine legend soccer player Claudio Caniggia, caught coronavirus. The Sexy model announced that she had coronovirus disease from her social media account.

Angel De Brito, one of Argentina’s most famous hosts, said in a live broadcast last night that the beautiful model was caught in coronavirus and was in quarantine at home.

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“I’m sending a kiss to Charlotte, who has tested positive for the coronavirus,” said Brito, “Yesterday had a little headache. Today she got tested and turned out to be positive.


Besides the headache, she was also suffering from some body pain. That’s why he’s in quarantine in her home. I hope you get it quickly, “she said.

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Emphasizing that Charlotte Caniggia’s brother Alex Caniggia is also in quarantine, the famous presenter said, “Alex is also in quarantine with Charlotte because they were together in a photo shoot on Saturday.”

“According to the protocol, Alex will be tested tomorrow. We love you very much and hope that you will be fine and return to us again,” he said. After Charlotte Caniggia made a statement to her followers about the coronovirus disease, many of her followers stated that they helped the sexy model.



The Argentine model turned into the reality star who gained fame after being a contestant in the fourth season of the reality competition show Gran Hermano (Big Brother). He also took part in the Italian reality show L’sola dei Famosi (Island of Celebrities). The Argentine sexy mannequin 2020 net worth was claimed to reach € 1 Million according to estimates.

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