Charli D’Amelio poses with Scientology necklace in viral Frankie Jonas TikTok video

Charli D’Amelio comes under fire after posing with a Scientology necklace in the viral Frankie Jonas TikTok video.

Charli damelio poses with scientology necklace in viral frankie jonas tiktok video gmspors

Suni Lee, Noah Beck, and the D’Amelio sisters all evidently took the snare.

It’s time that youthful forces to be reckoned with like Charli D’Amelio comprehend the repercussions of partaking in dubious TikTok patterns. The more youthful D’Amelio sister and a few other web famous people, including Noah Beck, Lil Huddy, Dixie D’Amelio and Olympic gold-winning Suni Lee, participated in an Instagram pattern where they needed to present with an article, this time it was a scientology accessory.

The video taken by Frankie Jonas, the most youthful Jonas Brother, circulated around the web on the web, and the web started dissing the advantaged, for the most part ignorant powerhouses. Since the video started getting kickback on the web, it was brought down from TikTok.

A TikTok showing a few famous web-based media powerhouses apparently presenting with Frankie Jonas’ Scientology neckband is becoming a web sensation—for clear reasons.

The video was apparently posted by Jonas on his TikTok account, on which he is known to post some lovely intriguing substance, however has since been erased. Different records have reposted the video, making it become a web sensation indeed.


@iamfrankiejonas deleted video #deleted #frankiejonas #scientology

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For what reason is Charli D’Amelio getting reaction subsequent to wearing the scientology neckband?

“Scientology is a religion that offers an exact way prompting a total and certain comprehension of one’s actual profound nature and one’s relationship to self, family, gatherings, Mankind, all living things, the material universe, the otherworldly universe and the Supreme Being.”

However the dubious religion appears to be innocuous, it is known to be intellectually and truly harmful. The people who leave the religion frequently say that it orders a clique like after. Many have likewise uncovered the religion as a ploy to get more cash. Strict heads regularly make it intense for one to leave the religion, frequently guaranteeing that those outside of the congregation attempt to obliterate the religion as they don’t need individuals to be content. The religion additionally denies emotional wellness and is known to de

The web rushed to perceive how the TikTok video could prompt forces to be reckoned with getting backfire on the web. A few remarks included:

“NAW not Scientology the marketing experts are crying rn and Karin the Scientology online media individual is chortling lord have mercy on them all.””At what point does the ” don’t scrutinize her she’s a kid” stop.

Charli D’Amelio is in LA…. this “bunch” is WELL referred to and she isnt as clueless as you all presume…. shes banks on everybody shouting ensure her while she does whatever without any results.

She just put an ACTUAL c*lt according to her huge number of supporters… that is perilous and flighty utilization of her foundation…

DO BETTER””This is so tricky. Additionally it bodes well on the off chance that incidentally, Charli D’Amelio and her sister are scientologists.””I know shouldn’t fault kids or whatever yet he in a real sense said it was Scientology and you can’t reveal to me Charli D’Amelio wasn’t intellectually fit for a speedy google.”

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