Chancel Mbemba appeared in photos where he is 34, not 27

It turned out that Chancel Mbemba, who signed for Marseille after his contract in Porto, had 4 different birth dates. In the documents shared by the French press, it is seen that Mbembe was born in 1988.

After Samuel Gigot and Isaak Touré, he will sign another central defender for Olympique de Marseille this transfer window. This is Congolese Chancellor Mbembe. An asylum seeker that no one saw coming until I saw him arrive at Command this Friday.

The 27-year-old protector will sign a long term manage OM, keeping him at the Velodrome until 2025 with the previous Newcastle United player set to go through his clinical soon prior to marking his agreement. The middle back has been imagined showing up in France today.

Chancel mbemba appeared in photos where he is 34 not 27 gmspors

New documents have emerged that show the real age of Congolese defender Chancel Mbemba, who recently signed for the French team Marseille, is much older.

According to the news in CNN France; It was noted that Mbembe, who is known to be 27 years old, has 4 different birth dates.

French journalist Romain Molina shared a document showing that Mbembe is 34 years old, not 27 years old. Documents were shared that Mbembe, whose birth date is seen in 1988 in his first professional license at the club where he started football in Congo, was born in 1991, 1995 and 1990 in different records.

FIFA: (Chancel Mbemba) launched an investigation against his player

In the statement made by FIFA on the subject, it was stated that an investigation was started and all documents were examined.

Mbemba, who was vacant after his contract with Porto last season, signed for Marseille for free. After his contract with the Congolese defender Porto expired, Super League giants Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor were also on the agenda.

A technically skilled defender, Mbemba has played for three clubs in the Congo since 2006, and his date of birth is recorded as August 8, 1988, according to copies of official Congolese player photo cards provided to CNN in ES La Grace and Mputu.

Age reduction in youth tournaments, which are seen as a gateway to Europe in African countries, allows for stronger teams to form. The age of the player is also important to the trading club as it has an impact on their salary and future sales value. For this reason, it is estimated that many of the birth dates of Mbemba were manipulated.

Who is Chancel Mbemba?

Chancel mbemba appeared in photos where he is 34 not 27 gmspors

Although not well known in France, Mbembe (27) is no ordinary person. This solid back has great championship experience as he has played in Newcastle in the past as well as in the Champions League. Attended this prestigious event for the last three years, especially challenging OM in the 2020/2021 financial year. His experience will be valuable when the Phokaians return to this competition next September.

Mbemba is an old-fashioned defender. He’s a hermetic player who reigns in the air and knows how to be effective with balls in attack. Thanks to his physical features, he managed to establish himself in the Premier League. He was also one of the toughest defenders in the league in Portugal.

Mbemba is the first Marseille member of the Tudor era. Other defectors should follow. President Pablo Longoria had promised 5 to 8 elements by the end of the transfer window. Now that the defense sector is well stocked, the priority is to strengthen the midfield and attack. A lot of names have been circulating in the press lately, but no clues have surfaced. Time is running out for Olympians.

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