Cayetano Rivera accuses Gijón mayor of “demagoguerying with bulls to persuade the public”

Bullfighter Cayetano Rivera responded to Gijón mayor Ana González’s statements about bullfighting on the laSexta show ‘Más Vale Tarde’. “We don’t kill bulls,” he said.

The bullfighters continued their response to the mayor of Gijón, Ana González, to ban bullfights in the city, after controversial statements about bullfighting and his decision to bullfights.

Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez assured in the ‘Más Vale Tarde’ laSexta program that they would not allow the mayor of Gijón to make such “excuses” “to impose a criterion solely based on his own political situation”. We will not allow him to demagogue with the bulls to persuade the public and use it as a tool to impose their ideology,” he said.

Rivera showed refusal of the councilman’s words. “It sounds ridiculous to me. The truth is, I had to listen to a number of adjectives for the bullfighting world that I didn’t share, and I also think it’s a fallacy,” he says.

The bullfighter explains that they “did not want to impose anything.” All we want is to respect our traditions, customs and traditions, and to respect our right to live life legally and honestly.” As such, he explains that “the word ‘assassination’ does not correspond to what we do in bullfighting.” “It seems like we’re talking a bit of bullshit in terms these days,” he says.

On the other hand, Rivera reassures the person who expressed his views on the rationale for this decision by the Mayor that his duty is “to save the bull”. “He thinks he’s going to save them by banning bullfights. There is no foundation or foundation. What he says”.

Two copies of the Begoña de Gijón fair were named ‘Feminista’ and ‘Nigeriano’. Bullfighters like El Juli or Cristina Sánchez have already explained why they have these names. Likewise, Cayetano Rivera agreed: “It’s a tradition in animal husbandry. That’s what all girls are called, and the bulls are the same, but in the male”.

But Rivera explained that this is something the mayor already knew. “I know they have spoken to the businessman and they have already clarified the name of the bulls. This is proof that this lady has not been misinformed. Much worse, worse. She is making decisions knowing that this is not the case,” he said. says.

“All of this, with the tragic situation we’re going through, seems to me like the moment is being used for propaganda purposes, using people’s sensibility. It’s trying to show that the world of bullfighting has a macho component, or that this name has it. to have some malicious intent,” he concludes.

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