Cause of death of model Alexis Sharkey revealed

It turned out that the phenomenon, whose body was found in a naked state, was strangled and killed. American model Alexis Sharkey all the details about the cause of death …

Shortly after her disappearance in the USA, the cause of death of the Instagram phenomenon Alexis Sharkey, who was found naked, was revealed. Investigating the incident, the police found that the young phenomenon was strangled and killed.

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26-year-old Instagram phenomenon Alexis Sharkey, who lives in the US state of Texas, was found naked on the roadside 24 hours after her disappearance last month.

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The garbage truck driver went to the bushes when he saw a pair of legs dangling out of the bush while he was cruising. The driver found a woman lying naked and lifeless on the ground.

Police teams who came to the scene determined that the woman who died was Alexis, who could not be heard. After the news of the death of the famous model on social media, her followers were shocked.

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Police stated that Alexis had an argument with an unknown person shortly before he died.

49 husband Tom Sharkey said that he and his wife had not been discussed since his death, he would not drive because he was only intoxicated, but said that his wife found a way and left the house.

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The police stated that no scars were found on Alexis’ body, that the phenomenon was strangled and the investigation was ongoing. In addition, the authorities said that no one has been arrested so far.

Alexis Sharkey was one of the Instagram models

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Alexis Sharkey made her last post on her Instagram account on 20 November 2020.

She used the following sentences under the last photo he shared: Good morning. Today I decided I’m moving to tulum for the sinks and overall aesthetic. I’ve never been so obsessed with the vibe of a town in my life. ⁣

Ps. I’ve heard from many people it’s different now and extremely over crowded. I’m here to confirm the rumors are true. BUT It’s still magical. ⁣

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