Caught badly watching obscene video on passenger plane

An unnamed passenger began watching an obscene video while on a flight. The image of the man, who was unaware that other passengers had seen him at those moments, was shared on social media. The social media post quickly went viral.

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During a plane trip, an unnamed passenger opened an obscene video on his laptop on the plane. The photo of the passenger, who was unaware that other passengers had seen him, was shared on social media. Images shared by Debbie Lagolf on social media became popular all of a sudden. Lagolf replied to his post, “Dude are you really sure? Do you realize you’re on a plane with kids on it?” added the note.

After Lagolf’s sharing, social media users flocked to the comment section of the post. Social media users, who were shocked to see the photo, lashed out at the man. While one social media user described the situation as disgusting, another social media user commented, “Totally unaware of the situation.”

Upon the complaints of other passengers, the aircraft personnel came to the passenger and warned him. The man, who was wanted to be removed from the other passengers, was moved to the first class section in the front of the plane.

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