Cartier paid Dior to invite Jisoo (BlackPink) as a representative

Cartier paid Dior double to invite Jisoo (BlackPink) as a representative.

Cartier was so determined to get Jisoo from Dior that she was willing to pay twice her opponent’s contract. This is because of the huge payoff of having a female idol as a Global Ambassador.

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According to Madam Figaro, Cartier had to start a contract war with Dior to recruit Jisoo.

To greet its eldest sibling BlackPink, luxury brand Cartier has doubled the amount of the contract Dior has offered. Jisoo has since become Cartier’s global jewelry ambassador. However, Jisoo is still the global ambassador for Dior’s fashion and cosmetics line.

The reason for this expense is due to the huge interest the female idol brought to the brand. According to Fashion Biz, sales of Dior’s MZ generation have increased more than 400% since Jisoo became Ambassador. Since Jisoo’s appearance on Fashion Week’s Dior show, Dior’s MIV media impact index has been ranked first among 4 fashion brands in the world, with a record 64%.

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Dior is famous for the large number of contracts and incentives that President Bernard Arnault has given to global ambassadors. In the past, Jisoo has been photographed with her son Antoine Arnault. Dior president and CEO Pietro Becca once told the Jisoo team at the Dior SS22 trade show in France, “If YG doesn’t need him anymore, text me. I’ll bring him back.”

The Dior and Cartier brands are owned and rivaled by the world’s two largest luxury goods empires, LVMH and Richemont, respectively. On the morning of May 24, Cartier announced that Jisoo is officially part of Panthère, a family of ambassadors for the French luxury watch and brand, along with big names like Annabelle Willis, Ella Balinska, Chang Chen, Mariacalla Boscono and Yasmine Chabri.

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