Carmen Electra’s sex confession surprises everyone

World-famous US actress and model Carmen Electra made striking statements about her sexual life. “I’m a sex freak,” Electra said.

Carmen Electra, the woman engulfed in flames, made headlines with her statements about sex.

Carmen Electras sex confession surprises everyone 2

With her role in the Coast Guard series, Carmen Electra, who suddenly became one of the actors known to the whole world, made confessions that would leave her mouth open. Electra stated that she did not lose her energy despite her advancing age and said that she liked the comfort of sexuality. Electra added that she prefers wild partners in bed.

Carmen Electra Sex Nympho

Carmen Electra, once known as the beauty of the Coast Guard (Baywatch), has been living a secluded life for many years. The 49-year-old world-famous actor broke his long silence. Carmen Electra, who participated in a TV show in the USA, made striking confessions about her sexual life.

Carmen Electra, “I am a sex-loving person. The relaxing effect of lovemaking makes me peaceful. I prefer my partner to be wild in bed. I may be older, but I have not lost my energy yet.”

Carmen Electras sex confession surprises everyone 1

The sexy star, whose real name is Tara ‘Patrick’, changed her stage name to Carmen Electra in 1991. “I’m tired of lovers who aren’t very smart,” said the 49-year-old actress. Electra added that she could have a romantic relationship with a not-so-famous man, but she doesn’t want to be close to people she describes as “bird-brained”.

Carmen Electra was married to Dennis Rodman from 1998-1999 and to Dave Navarro from 2003-2007.

Carmen Electra Gets Attention In Her Instagram Posts

Although Carmen Electra is on the agenda with her statements, on the other hand, she is one of the most popular names in social media.

Carmen Electra has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

Carmen Electra, a model and actress, sometimes makes her followers feel nostalgic with her previous years’ posts on Instagram.

She is also on Instagram with the username @carmenelectra and draws a very active profile.


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