Candice Huffine One of the Best of Plus Size Models

Plus-size model Candice Huffine has managed to increase the number of her fans with her successful work in recent years. Candice Huffine’s modeling work and signing agreements with many world-famous brands also increased the number of her fans.

Candice Huffine is an American oversized model represented by IMG Models. A former teen beauty queen signed her first commercial modeling contract in 2000 and has since moved from the commercial world to high fashion.

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A new page has been opened for Victoria’s Secret, which was criticized for always including weak models on the podium for a long time. The company, which has lost in recent years and did not even hold its traditional fashion show last year due to the pandemic, now has a new face: Candice Huffine. Its feature is that it is physically different from other models of the company. At 1.80 cm tall and 92 kg, 37-year-old Huffine does not complain about being referred to as a “plus size” morel. Also, according to him, “Life is too short to worry about weight”.

Victoria’s Secret’s new model, Candice Huffine, who has met with criticism of “bodily discrimination” more than ever in recent years, has already made her name known in the fashion world. Huffine, who shined in the first period of the 2000s, when plus-size models and the “body affirmation” trend were on the rise, waited a long time for this rise in her career.

Candice Huffine, who has just joined the promotion faces of the company that adorns the dreams of many models, became the name written on the first line of a new page in this way. Thus, Huffine got the reward of her 20 years of hard work. Ed Razek, one of the managers of the company, which has been criticized for making racial and bodily discrimination in model selection since 2017, argues that the public does not want to see plus-size models, but the rules on this issue were also broken in the end. Candice Huffine has also written her name in fashion history in this field.

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Savage x Fenty, founded by singer Rihanna, who stepped into the fashion world and the company started to collapse, Victoria’s Secret decided to make a change in this regard and became a serious competitor in the field of underwear. On the initiative of the renewed creative team, models such as Devyn Garcia and Jill Kortleve have joined the cast, as well as Candice Huffine, whom the company had not considered working for a few years ago. It seems that this new strategy was also liked by the public. Because the company’s online sales began to increase.

Candice Huffine is one of the first representatives of the company’s changing strategy. Stating that he would not have the chance to work with this company before, Huffine said, “It’s great that they want to see women of all sizes now.” Huffine described this as a victory for all women. Expressing that she doesn’t care if people describe her as a “plus size” model, Candice Huffine expresses her opinion on this subject with the following words: “Life is too short to focus on being at the ideal weight!”

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In fact, the only innovation that Candice Huffine brought to the company is not the elimination of physical discrimination, at least for now. The company, which has retired models of her age until today, has made a deal with a model of such an advanced age for the first time. By the way, let us remind you that 36-year-old Huffine is 1.80 cm tall and 92 kilos.

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Thanks to him, models such as Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bundchen became both very rich and very famous. In short, today’s modern goddesses owe the million dollars they make today and their jaw-dropping lifestyle to this interesting businessman Roy Raymond. Here are the “secrets” behind the underwear empire, which is the status symbol of those who can afford it… It all started in a store where she went to buy underwear as a surprise to her husband. Roy Raymond, a Stanford graduate businessman, was embarrassed as a man among all the women walking around the store and choosing underwear.

She was afraid that her questions to the salesmen would sound strange, and he thought that everyone was looking at her. He thought that there might be thousands of other men in the same situation as him, who would be embarrassed to buy underwear for his wife or girlfriend, and he came up with a brilliant idea: to create his own underwear brand. But first, he thought, contrary to what many people think, that underwear should be made an attractive and even sexual object. What he needed to do was to discourage women from wearing plain white underwear and to wear glamorous frilly underwear just like in England’s Queen Victoria era. Her brand would also bear the name of Queen Victoria: Victoria’s Secret.

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As soon as Roy Raymond had this thought in mind, he immediately opened a store in the Stanford Business Center. The calendars showed the year 1977. When Raymond opened the store, his capital was 80 thousand dollars. He borrowed 40 thousand liras from the bank and the remaining 40 thousand from his relatives. Initially, she was selling unpretentious designs for middle class women. But then he chose perfect-looking models, combining the company’s name with “fancy eroticism.” The company made a profit of 500 thousand dollars in its first year of operation. Encouraged by this success, Raymond opened 3 more stores and started selling via catalog order. By 1982, Victora’s Secret had 6 stores and its income had increased. The company was earning 6 million dollars a year. Meanwhile, Raymond; He sold Victoria’s Secret to Leslie Wexner, the creator of The Limited, for $4 million. This was the beginning of the end for him. Raymond founded a children’s store called My Child’s Destiny in 1984.

But Victoria’s spell was broken for him now. The firm went bankrupt two years later. Roy Raymond’s story that started quickly and successfully ended in a mysterious way. Raymond dropped himself off the Golden Gate Bridge on August 26, 1993. He was only 47 years old when he did this. The body of the creator of Victori’s Secret, today’s most attractive and fantastic underwear brand, was found in San Francisco Bay exactly one week after jumping from a bridge. Many allegations were made regarding his death, including Raymond’s different preferences. However, the death of Roy Raymond remained a mystery.

But the company proved auspicious for its next owner, Leslie Wexner, after Raymond. Already wealthy, Wexner has been repeatedly named the richest businessman in the world. Victoria’s Secret is also a rare step for models in the fashion world. Going to this company’s fashion show or even appearing in their catalog once is a guarantee of attracting the attention of other powerful companies and making millions of dollars a year. But being the face of the company is not easy. Beauty alone is not enough. More than that is needed. First of all, you need to be at least 1.76 cm tall in order to be a model for the company. Must not be less than 18 years old and not more than 30 years old.

The UK branch of Victoria’s Secret, which has been breaking sales records for a while with its traditional fashion shows, went bankrupt. In the statement made by the UK branch of the US-based company, it was stated that the structuring of 25 stores in the country went bankrupt. More than 1,000 employees’ jobs were allegedly at risk. British firm Victoria’s Secret reported an annual loss of £170m in February. All Victoria Secret stores have been closed since March 23, when the quarantine began in the UK. Victoria’s Secret, which closed some of its stores in the USA, canceled the fashion shows it had organized with its models known as “angels” since 1995 due to the decrease in viewership rates last year. The Fashion Show, which is considered outdated and sexist by some circles, was last broadcast in 2018.

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