Camila Cabello tries not to be anti-racist

Camila Cabello wants to train herself to eradicate her racism with these sessions.

The singer tries to learn the language in a non-racist or non-exclusionary way.

In 2019, Camila Cabello faced the first serious crisis in her clean public image ever, when a series of posts she made on her 15-year-old Tumblr account and used language with racist connotations appeared.

Camila Cabello tries not to be anti racist 2

“When I was young, I used language that I was very embarrassed and always regretful. I was rude and ignorant, and when I realized the history, weight, and true meaning behind that horrible and harmful language, I was deeply embarrassed for using it, ”the artist wrote, apologizing to his followers.

And the truth is Camila Cabello took her intention to change for the better and work on aspects of her personality that didn’t make her proud.

The singer, who has been struggling with anxiety for years, spoke to People magazine and announced that she went to class to learn how to use the language in a racist or non-privileged way. These are so-called “racial healing sessions” organized by the National Compadres Network.

“They fix you, they give you a homework, and you learn. That’s how you develop. Now I know more, so I can act better,” explained Camila Cabello to the magazine in question.

The therapy classes inspired her so much that Camila Cabello got herself immersed in the Healing Justice project in collaboration with the Movement Voter Fund, a proposal dedicated to working with people of color, people of color, and the members of the LGTBI + collective. younger.

Camila Cabello tries not to be anti racist

A few weeks ago, Cuban singer Camila Cabello celebrated her birthday and congratulated her 24-year-old with an entertaining video in which she gave a cheerful welcome.

“My birthday !!!! I have reached level 24, START! Thank you for all your love and birthday wishes, I am so grateful for all the love,” Cabello wrote on her Instagram account.

Camila Cabello was born in Cojímar, Habana del Este and stood out for her talent and exceptional vocal range from an early age.

The singer is the result of the marriage of Mexican Alejandro Cabello and Sinuhé Estrabao, who emigrated to Mexico, convinced he did not want to raise his little daughter on an island in deep economic crisis.

In an interview with Glamor magazine in 2018, Sinuhé spoke about the unstable conditions they lived in on the Caribbean island, “I didn’t want this for my daughter. I wanted him to have opportunities ”.

When he was only 5 years old, he flew to Mexico City with his mother to take advantage of the laws and benefits given to Cuban immigrants by the United States government.

Even in Miami and after going through some setbacks, Sinuhé’s vision couldn’t be more accurate, as Camila began to stand out at school and immediately auditioned for The X Factor, boosting her musical career in popular band ‘Fifth Harmony.

Her mother had a great influence on the Cuban artist’s career, as the shy young woman did not dare to show her compositions to anyone until she finally shared her first solo single with Sinu, which would be “Crying in the Club.”

Neither she nor her mother could ever forget the feeling they felt while listening to the song together.

Sinuhé’s shock left its mark on the pre and post of Camila’s career. Since then, both have continued to team up with their second daughter, little Sofía Cabello.

Camila Cabello tries not to be anti racist 1