Cameron Diaz smuggled drugs in Paris, where she went to become a model

Cameron Diaz was a drug dealer in Paris, where she went to become a model. Announcing that she will return to the big screen with a new film project after taking a long break from her acting career, American actor Cameron Diaz shared that she was a drug smuggler before becoming an actor.

Cameron diaz smuggled drugs in paris where she went to become a model 1 gmspors

Famous Hollywood icon Cameron Diaz, who is preparing to return to her acting career after an 8-year hiatus, admitted that she was a drug smuggler before playing that life-changing role.

Cameron Diaz Confessed How She Carried Drugs

Diaz shared that she carried items in locked suitcases between Paris and Morocco before her career took off with the movie ‘The Mask’ (1994), in which she shared the lead roles with Jim Carrey.

Cameron diaz smuggled drugs in paris where she went to become a model 2 gmspors

Stating that she modeled at a young age and somehow tried to survive, the 49-year-old actress said that she carried drugs to Morocco.

Speaking to the Second Life podcast, the actress stated that she saved money to move to Paris and model, but could not find a job.

The actor said, “I stayed there for a year and couldn’t work even a day. I couldn’t even find a job to save my life. Then I got a job, but I think I became a smuggler transporting drugs to Morocco,” he said.

Stating that she did not realize at first that she was carrying drugs illegally, Diaz was told that she was carrying “clothes” in locked suitcases.

The actress, who went from Paris to Morocco with her suitcases and was caught, said, “I was a blonde girl with blue eyes wandering in Morocco. I was wearing ripped pants and platform boots. It wasn’t safe at all. I said to them, ‘I don’t know, these aren’t mine, I don’t know who they are’. “This was the only job I could find in Paris,” she said.

Diaz, who managed to escape a 10-year prison sentence and left the suitcases to the authorities, changed his luck with a phone call he received from Los Angeles. Diaz, who played with Jim Carrey in the movie ‘Mask’, took her first step from modeling to acting.

Diaz, who has not acted in any movies since 2014, stated that she wanted to focus on her family and herself.

Diaz announced via Twitter that she will be appearing in an action comedy called Back in Action with her close friend and partner in the movie, Jamie Foxx.

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