Call of Duty: Warzone players complain about Hunter Perk

Call of Duty: Warzone players complain about the Hunter Power-Up, which was added to the game in the latest event, and they want it to be removed. In fact, they are not wrong in their demands.

With Call of Duty: Warzeone Season 4, Forune’s Keep, the battle royale map, has officially transformed into the Cursed Land. In the new season, many innovations were brought to the game, one of these innovations was Hunter Power-Up. The feature that was loved in the beginning is now not wanted by most players.

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The biggest feature that came in Warzone was the return of the Hunter Perk, which came out of the Cursed chest that was opened after defeating the zombies. Although this feature attracted attention in the beginning, it was a complete disappointment for the producer when it was not wanted by some players. A post recently shared under the title of Call of Duty: Warzone made it clear why Hunter Perk was not wanted.

The first half of the shared video shows a team positioned in a house being killed by a player entering through the window of the house. Acting as if each player knows where they are before the player enters the room is very disturbing to the players. The rest of the video has a kill camera, meaning it shows what the player entering the room saw before entering through the window. As seen in the images, the player can see the location of each player before entering. As a result, he effectively destroys his enemies before they even know what’s going on. Actually, this is an officially sanctioned Wallhack.

On the fair side, Hunter Perk is an earned advantage. So to possess it, it is necessary to kill a tough group of Cursed Place zombies. In addition, this advantage does not last forever, the player just uses the right he has won. But on the other hand, it is quite unfair for the opponent. Here, for example, whether Hunter Perk is right or wrong, it should be looked at whether it is a fun activity that attracts players to the game. It is obvious that the team killed in the video clip had no fun at all.

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