Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘TikTok’ rendition of the Masked Singer

The singer posted her reaction to the cover of Jenner’s first hit on her TikTok account.I have never been proud. Kesha couldn’t hide her embarrassment watching Caitlyn Jenner cover up the hit “Tik Tok” in The Masked Singer.

Kesha, harsh criticism of ‘Tik Tok’ on the cover of Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘Masked Singer’

Caitlyn Jenners Tik Tok rendition of the Masked Singer 2

Not in any manner complimented. Kesha couldn’t conceal her humiliation while watching Caitlyn Jenner cover her hit “Tik Tok” on The Masked Singer.

The Grammy candidate, 34, responded to the 71-year-old the truth star’s presentation by means of TikTok on Tuesday, April 6. “Live for a cover and live for this outfit… . yet, I mean I need to go,” Kesha inscribed a video of herself withdrawing into her shirt as Jenner’s interpretation played on screen. She added, “Feeling like P Diddy… I think?

Kesha may represent we all after she responded to Caitlyn Jenner singing her tune “Tik Tok” by concealing her face under her sequined article of clothing.

On Tuesday, the pop star shared her response to the Olympian’s brief appearance on The Masked Singer a month ago as a TikTok two part harmony subtitled “feeling like P Diddy… I think?”

While @kaylum_sharp, the TikTok client Kesha dueted with, effectively made an image of the exhibition that got Jenner killed from the Fox reality rivalry, adding a flag onto it that says “Debbie from accounts lets free at the workplace party,” Kesha uncovered her own notes.

@kesha#duet with @kaylum_sharp feeling like P Diddy… I think?♬ original sound – Kaylum Sharp

Getting going positive prior to including any analysis, she stated: “Live for a cover and live for this outfit… . However, I mean I need to go… .” All of this as she ducks for cover with each music note the previous reality star battles to hit. The Olympian was exposed as The Phoenix during the March 17 scene of The Masked Singer. After her end, she opened up about the troublesome cycle.

Jenner was exposed during the second scene of the show’s fifth season on March 17 and later told EW after her disposal that failing Kesha’s breakout hit was her greatest amazement about doing the show. “I figured I would improve than that. I had polished it so much,” she clarifies. “‘TiK ToK’ is intense, I mean, timing insightful. Also, it truly wasn’t the correct pitch for me or anything about it. It was hard to do.”

“I worked for two months on these three songs,” she exclusively told Us Weekly in March. “I did ‘Tik Tok’ and I was going to do The Temptations song, ‘I Know You Wanna Leave Me,’ and I had a John Denver song. It was tough to get those down. If I were to go [and do] all the [songs] at the finals, I would have had to learn eight songs. It took me so long to get a couple songs down.”

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