Bruna Marques gains 38,000 followers after murder

Blogger profile gains 38,000 followers after murder; ‘It’s like keeping the person alive,’ says the psychoanalyst.

Bruna Marques was killed on Monday, 21st, in Ipsep, Recife, by a man who managed to escape. According to the police, one of the lines of investigation is related to drug trafficking.

The Instagram profile of blogger Bruna do Nascimento Marques Maciel, who was shot and killed in Ipsep in Recife’s Southern District, gained 38,000 followers after the crime. “It is as if we are keeping the person alive,” explains psychoanalyst Bruno Severo Gomes, professor of elective course “Death and Dying” at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE).

Bruna marques gains 38000 followers after murder 2 gmspors

Bruna, 21, was killed in front of a bar early Monday. The young woman’s funeral took place this Tuesday at 14:00 at Pacheco Cemetery in Jaboatão Dos Guararapes, Greater Recife. The incident is being investigated by the Homicide and Personal Protection Agency (DHPP).

By Monday, 21st, Bruna’s account on the social network had 105,000 followers. This Tuesday, until the last update of this report, there were 143k. Some netizens expressed surprise at the spike in follower numbers following Bruna’s death.

One of them commented, “The girl dies and people start following her. This happens all the time. I wanted to understand these people who only follow people after they die.” “I was talking about this at work today, sorry,” said another.

Psychoanalyst Bruno Severo Gomes explains that death is still a taboo in society. According to her, when a person realizes that life has an end, he starts to analyze her own existence.

“Following dead people, a known person, an artist on social media is a way to make sense of our lives. It’s also a way to keep that person alive, to exist in our lives,” she said.

In addition to followers, Bruna’s account has received a large number of new comments, particularly complaints of the blogger’s premature death. Many did not see the blogger in person, but some seemed to know him and did not believe what was happening.

“This is also part of the process of elaborating death. One continues to do it as if it were the digestion of death. We also develop this habit and associate this pain of loss with these manifestations on social networks, for example: comments and respects,” she said.

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