BrookeAB Receives Death Threats

Publisher BrookeAB Reveals Stalkers After Receiving Death Threats. BrookeAB exposes a person who has been making death threats against her for a long time.

Top streamer BrookeAB is exposing its followers and demanding better security tools on its streaming platform Twitch after receiving multiple death threats.


BrookeAB, one of the famous publishers of Twitch, exposed her followers who insulted her and made death threats on her social media account. The publisher stated that she requested a better security system for the platform from Twitch administrators.

BrookeAB, one of Twitch’s leading female streamers, has disclosed the death threats she has received from a social media user who follows her.

The broadcaster posted screenshots of rude and threatening comments from their Twitch channel chat via their Twitter account. She apologized to her friends and viewers for the behavior of the abusers, stating that this is something that happens to her every day. In addition, the broadcaster requested Twitch to create a better security system. “I apologize to all my friends who have had to suffer because of my followers who follow the very embarrassing spam and comments every day,” the broadcaster wrote.

As BrookeAB points out, broadcasters who encounter this type of harassment often say they lack the necessary support system to deal with the threats. Twitch rules contain a lot of blocked content. However, some problems are missing. For this reason, “Report” buttons to deal with hate, harassment and death threats are among the features requested by publishers.

Twitch publishers also supported the comments made on BrookeAB’s tweets. Twitch streamers are coming together to protest the harassment in order to prevent the situation from getting worse after the recent increase in harassment and threats. While Twitch has made statements about the measures it will take to help combat these issues in the future, the platform has yet to comment on any specific events.