Brooke Monk responds to comments in her makeup-free video on Tiktok

Tiktok Star Brooke Monk responded to the comments in her last video with makeup. The video of Brooke Monk responding to comments from her followers has been viewed millions of times.

One of Tiktok’s most beloved names, Brooke Monk has been viewed millions of times with her videos. One of the most popular tiktok girls in Tiktok with over 15.2 million followers.

Brooke Monk responds to comments in her makeup free video on Tiktok 2

Brooke Monk Answers the Question of How to Do Without Makeup

@brookemonk_literally found these comments on the first video that came up. Also I know my eye is swollen I have a stye right now 🙁♬ som original – ana.tpwk

In answering the question of How to Do Without Makeup, Brooke Monk shares an important note in her video: She found these comments literally in the first video. I also know that my eyes are swollen, I have a sty right now 🙁

Lip sync and dance content maker known for posting short recordings on her brookemonk_ TikTok account. The greater part of her recordings highlight relatable substance for the normal secondary school understudy. She has more than 15,2 million fans on the stage.

Brooke Monk responds to comments in her makeup free video on Tiktok 1

Brooke Monk Bio, Family, Age


Maker of lip sync and dance content known for presenting short recordings on Brookemonk_ TikTok account. She offers moving moves from a large portion of her recordings and affiliated substance for the normal secondary school understudy. Brooke has more than 15.2 million fans on the stage and has more than 1.5 million supporters on Instagram.

Prior to Fame

She planned an iPhone case in an early TikTok.

Random data

She facilitated a fan Q&A on her self-named YouTube divert in November 2019. She procured more than 4 million perspectives for an April 2020 TikTok video where she imitated her folks attempting to decipher an image.

Day to day Life

She has four sisters and she’s the center youngster. She began dating individual online media star Sam Dezz in October 2020.

Related With

Companions have revealed to her she looks like Brooke Hyland from Dance Moms.

@brookemonk_are we couple goals?♬ Miss the rage – Trippie Redd

    January 31, 2003
    United States
  • AGE
    18 years old

Brooke Monk draws attention with her posts on Instagram

Brooke Monk is an American who is a mainstream TikTok star and a notable web-based media superstar. She is mostly known for her short lip-sync and dance recordings on the TikTok application through her record named brookemonk.

Brookemonk manages to attract attention on Instagram with her tiktok star shares on Instagram with her username. Brooke receives thousands of likes and comments for her photos on Instagram with her beauty and cute demeanor.