Bridget Regan to Star as Poison Ivy in Batwoman

It has been revealed who will play Poison Ivy in the CW’s Batwoman series.

Bridget Regan will play Poison Ivy in The CW’s TV series Batwoman.

Bridget Regan, who plays the character of Rose in Jane the Virgin, will play Poison Ivy, who is burning with a vengeance against Batwoman, in the CW’s Batwoman series, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Regan will share the stage with Javicia Leslie in the third season of The CW’s Batwoman.

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A new name has been added to the cast of Batwoman, the unpopular TV series created by Caroline Dries. According to the statements, Bridget Regan will play Poison Ivy, one of the villains in the comics.

Bridget Regan, star of The Last Ship, Jane the Virgin, White Collar and Legend of the Seeker, has been added to the cast of Batwoman. Poison Ivy, previously successfully played by Uma Thurman, is entrusted to Regan this time. According to the comics, Dr. Isley is a former botany student at Gotham University. He is also known as an ambitious and intelligent student who envisions how he can change the world. But he begins to develop this ambition and passion on plant toxins. Over time, he will turn into Poison Ivy, one of Batman’s enemies.

Batwoman’s lead actress was recently replaced. However, the newcomer will not play Kate Kane, played by Ruby Rose. Instead, Ryan Wilder, another Batwoman from the comics, will be our protagonist. Javicia Leslie was the actress chosen to portray her.

In the comics, Ryan Wilder finds the batsuit after a plane crash. Kate Kane disappeared in the accident. Ryan will be the one to take over the batsuit. Fighting for Kate’s rescue, Ryan will also fight Alice and Safiyah Sohail for revenge. Meanwhile, Gotham’s right is suffering from Kryptonite poisoning, and Ryan will take on the task of protecting them, too. It is not known whether all of these details will be included in the series.

Batwoman season 3 will premiere on The CW on October 13.

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