Bridget Malcolm makes confessions about Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm has confessed to her former career. The words of the mannequin, who said that they control women, became the agenda on social media. The allegations she made about Bridget Victoria’s secret suddenly became the agenda.

Australian model Bridget Malcolm made striking confessions about the world-famous underwear brand Victoria’s Secret years later. Claiming that the brand was putting pressure on them to be extremely thin, Malcom said that she starved for days and drank only water.

The dark clouds over the world-famous underwear brand Victoria’s Secret do not want to disperse. While many models made harassment claims against Ed Razek, the Marketing Director of the brands, the trustee and sales process on behalf of the company came to the fore.

New claims have been made about the brand, which is far from its old days. The owner of the allegations is Australian model Bridget Malcolm. The 29-year-old model appeared in Victoria’s Secret’s iconic fashion show in 2015 and 2016.

Speaking on the program 60 Minutes, Malcolm claimed that Victoria’s Secret administration gave a very clear message about the models being ‘extremely thin’. Malcolm said that the pressure on him to lose weight was too much, that she was very malnourished, starved for days, drank only water and took 10 minutes to climb the stairs.

“I had an eating disorder,” Malcolm said of that period. I started taking medication for anxiety. I was having frequent panic attacks, I was very tired. My body and mind were tired. What the company offered to me and to other women was very exploitative at the time. It felt like she was controlling women.”

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia after Malcolm’s statements, Victoria’s Secret spokesperson emphasized that the brand has a new management, and that they are trying to offer a more inclusive environment to their partners and customers through the transformation process.

Bridget Malcolm is an Australian model best known for appearing at two Victoria’s Secret Fashion shows, in addition to walking in other fashion shows like Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney. Besides shows, Malcolm has also appeared in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Playboy, and Elle.

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