Does Breast Silicone Also Cause Cancer?

Whether breast silicone causes cancer has been debated for years. Is breast silicon cancer one of the biggest controversies in the world? “3 years ago ‘Does silicone cause cancer?” “If you want, I say,” it will not open. Cancer can also develop from the silicone sheath so it can be seen in one million.

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Breast Silicone And Cancer

One of the most discussed topics in the world is “Chest Silicones” and the diseases they cause. Even if there are certain studies conducted by the World Health Organization, cancer formation increases in one of the 3 women who make every breast silicone on America.It was emphasized that early diagnosis is important in breast cancer as in any disease. The doctors, who mentioned that the place of plastic surgery in breast cancer has become very important in recent years, explained that the effects of this external body on the human body cause certain problems.

  • “Three years ago, ‘Does silicone cause cancer?’ If you ask, I would say “It won’t open.” Everyone would have said it. However, it was said to be very advantageous because silicone is not injected into the breast, it is a prosthesis, mold and placed under the breast. If there is a mass, it makes it noticed early.

When the patient examines himself, he ensures that he is clearly visible on MR and mammography. One of the reasons why silicone or different prostheses have been accused for many years is a few experimental factors that are considered innocent. These were said not to cause cancer, but to several rheumatological diseases.

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It is seen even in a million!

Breast Cancer is One of the Most Diseased Women in the World. This type of cancer, which appears to be the most deadly effects of diseases, is very important.

With the development of Plastic Surgery, women resort to many methods to beautify themselves. However, we should make an important warning. Poor quality surgical methods used to reduce the cost cause their lives to turn into a nightmare.

After poor quality plastic surgeries in the world, one out of every 5 women catch diseases that result in death.

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