Brazilian model Brenda Santos confession about her boyfriend

The bomb confession came from Brazilian model Brenda Santos about her ex. The sexy model came to the fore after her sincere confessions about her boyfriend. One of the most luxurious female models of recent years, Brenda spoke a lot about her confessions about her boyfriend, despite her young age.

Brazilian model Brenda Santos made stunning confessions about her breakup boyfriend Joey Essex. Speaking about her private life, the beautiful model said, “We would have sexual intercourse every day.”

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Bomb confession from Brazilian model Brenda Santos about her ex: we used to have sex every day

Television celebrity Joey Essex’s ex-girlfriend, model Brenda Santos, talked about their relationship after their breakup.

The Brazilian model admitted that they had sex every day during their five-month love relationship. It was very special and nice to have sex with her for 5 months.

“She was intense and unforgettable. He’s a very passionate person like me,” said Brenda Santos.

Santos continued his frank and daring statement: “We used to have sex every day.”

“Sometimes, depending on the mood, we would do this once or twice a day. He was generous in bed. Joey said he loved my body.”

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Brenda Santos is not very active on Instagram

Brazilian model Brenda Santos was on the agenda with her statement about her ex. It was on the agenda after Santos said that they had sex every other day for five months. The young female model is not very active Instagram user compared to her competitors. Brenda, who accepts only a significant number of followers requests, makes conversations with her closest friends on Instagram.

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