Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski made harsh remarks

Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski: If you don’t like it, don’t follow!

German model Nicole Poturalski, who made her name with the famous actor Brad Pitt, responded to her critics. Poturalski, via his social media account, “If you don’t like it, don’t follow!” said.

Brad Pitts Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski made harsh remarks 1

Brad Pitt’s girlfriend, German model Nicole Poturalski, spoke harsh words to criticism. He became the agenda with his words to his followers who criticized him.

Brad Pitt, whose name got involved in love rumors with various people after parting ways with Angelina Jolie, fell in love with German model Nicole Poturalski.

The couple, who were shown at Le Castellet Airport in France, kept busy with the magazine agenda for a long time with the news that Pitt and his ex-wife Jolie were staying at Miraval Castle.

The German model addressed her followers on her social media account, who made harsh and critical comments about her relationship with Pitt.

Poturalski, from his Instagram account, “Do not follow people you do not like, do not like. I will forever wonder why people leave hateful comments. Why? said.

Poturalski and Brad Pitt have been together for the past year:

According to the Daily Mail’s report; Poturalski and Brad Pitt first met in August 2019.

The Oscar-winning star went to a famous restaurant in Berlin, Germany, where he was visiting for filming. Pitt first met Nicole Poturalski, the wife of the 68-year-old owner of the venue, Roland Mary.

A close friend of Nicole Poturalski used the following statements in a statement to the Daily Mail:

Brad Pitts Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski made harsh remarks 2

“Brad Pitt and Nicole met in August last year, at Nicole’s husband Roland’s restaurant. Brad Pitt has been coming to that place for years. When he went to celebrate his new movie, he knew that Roland and Nicole were at the restaurant. Brad met Roland’s wife, Nicole, and she gave him his number. Nicole travels a lot for her job as a model, and she connected with Brad Pitt while in Los Angeles for work. ”

The source also said that Nicole is still married to Roland and has a 7-year-old son named Emil. Although Roland declined to speak about Nicole’s relationship, the source said:

“Roland is a very philosophical man. He has been married several times and has 5 children. He doesn’t care about negativity or jealousy. They are still married, but you can describe their relationship as “open marriage.”

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