Boss problem video on Tiktok became the agenda

Ying, who works as a saleswoman at a car dealership, claimed that her boss sent her home for wearing it but couldn’t see what the problem was until fans said ‘this is unprofessional’.

“I was sent home because of my ‘inappropriate’ outfit, but I don’t see the problem,” she said. She reproached her boss in the video she shared on Tiktok.

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Ying, who functioned as a sales rep at a vehicle sales center, guaranteed her supervisor sent her home due to what she was wearing yet she was unable to see the probelm of it until her fans said ‘it’s amateurish’

A lady turned into a web sensation subsequent to being banged by her manager for wearing “inappropraite” garments to work.


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Ying, who lives in Los Angeles in the wake of moving from China, had been asking fans for profession guidance as she searched for a task in the US.

She referenced in one video on TikTok that she found another line of work and begun filling in as a salesman for a vehicle organization.

However, only four months after the fact, Ying said she was sent home from work in view of her outfit.

Presenting on her fans and requesting their viewpoints, she said: “I got sent home from work today due to what I wear.”

In the short clasp, Ying sports a really look at high contrast top and tan-hued shorts, as well as a long overcoat and a couple of white mentors.

“I simply don’t have the foggiest idea,” she added.

A few watchers concurred with her chief and said the outfit was not proficient as a sales rep.

One said: “wear nothing over the knee, it’s exceptionally amateurish. Additionally no pants with openings or tears, tennis shoes, goes back and forth, or sheer tops.”

Boss problem video on tiktok became the agenda

A second noticed: “That much knee? It’s not even knee length…unprofessional.”

“Your shorts are excessively short for most organization clothing code, ought to be at knee length.” a third added. “Be that as it may, it actually looks phenomenal for different events.”

Others said nothing bad could really be said about Ying’s outfit and guaranteed organizations ought to change rules on outfits.

“Indeed I see an issue not too far off. You are working for some unacceptable organization,” a TikToker remarked. “Pack of machos conservators that actually need ladies in dresses, 1800 is finished.”

One more said: “Gracious I see the issue, it’s man controlled society!”

After seven days, Ying said the organization let her go abruptly, adding: “Didn’t actually give me any genuine explanation. What is straightaway?”

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