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BLACKPINK SHARE THE SONG LIST OF THEIR NEW ALBUMS “BORN PINK.” The time to listen to new Blackpink music is approaching. The K-pop girl group has revealed the track list for their second album titled “Born Pink” which will be out on September 16.

Their new album was awaited with their first single, “Pink Venom”, which entered Spotify’s Global Chart at number one in the past few days and was also recommended to MTV VMA 2022 by the amazing quartet.

Now, Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé have revealed the full tracklist for “Born Pink” on Instagram, which will include 8 unreleased tracks. Here are the titles!

  1. “Pink Venom”
  2. “Close”
  3. “Tipa Daughter”
  4. “Yes Yes Yes”
  5. “Hard To Love”
  6. “The Happiest Girl”
  7. “Tally”
  8. “Ready for Love””

“Shut Down”, in addition to being the artist’s second track, will be the second single from the work and will be released on September 16 along with other tracks from the album.

Blackpink also released the credit list for new songs, and Rosé and Jisoo are credited as writers for the song “Ye Yeah Yeah Yeah”. This is the second time Jisoo has received songwriting credit after joining Jennie for writing the single “Lovesick Girls” for their 2020 debut “The Album”.

Among the writers of the new songs is Natalia Kills, known as Teddy Sinclair, who co-wrote and produced “The Happiest Girl” with her husband Willy Sinclair and has written songs for stars like Rihanna in the past. and Madonna.

Now we have to wait until September 16 to find out how amazing the new Blackpink songs will be.

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