Bonnie Locket bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sports cars

Bonnie Locket bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sports cars and shared a photo with her. The Onlyfans model continues to spend millions of dollars on her luxury life.

Social media phenomenon Bonnie Locket became the target of criticism with the luxury gift she received for herself

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Social media phenomenon Bonnie Locket has managed to become popular by selling her sexy photos and videos on an adult-only platform. Expressing that she has a passion for luxury cars, Locket recently bought herself a gift. Locket, who spent 350 thousand pounds for his luxury gift, became the target of social media users.

The 34-year-old phenomenon, who lives in the Surrey region of the United Kingdom, upgraded his car, which was Ferrai California T, to the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster model, after she started earning income from social media. Expressing that she has a special interest and addiction to sports cars, Locket said, “I have always loved cars. To make this car different from the others, I’m going to make changes that no one has done before. “I am a very happy and proud car owner,” he said.

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While some of the social media users congratulated Locket’s gift with her own earnings, others criticized her work. One social media user said, “This is not an empowerment or freedom. “This is deliberate exploitation, but you are not aware of it,” she said. Another user said, “It’s a gift earned by displaying their plastic body.”

Expressing that she does not take the negative comments made about her seriously, Locket stated that she will continue her work with great enthusiasm. In addition to harsh criticism, the number of users who congratulated Locket was also high.

Many famous models like Bonnie Locket earn millions of dollars from Onlyfans. Now people were reproaching that the states should take care of this situation.

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