Bonheur Ntwari surprised everyone with his body lines

He was harshly criticized for his body lines! Bonheur Ntwari changed completely in just 6 weeks and surprised everyone with his new physique.

Bonheur Ntwari, who has been criticized for being thin since childhood, has made an incredible change thanks to his regular sports and nutrition program. Attracting attention with his muscular body, Bonheur’s latest version attracted great attention on social media.

Bonheur ntwari surprised everyone with his body lines 1 gmspors

Bonheur Ntwari, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, attracted the attention of social media with his muscular body and thin waist. Bonheur, whose shoulders are almost twice his waist, gathered 40 thousand followers in a short time. Working as a personal trainer and social media phenomenon, the 22-year-old player’s sports journey started when those around him criticized his body. Bonheur, who trains 6 days a week, eats 5 meals a day and regains her lean and muscular body, won the appreciation of social media users.

Emphasizing that sports have changed his whole life, Bonheur said, “I hope I can change people’s lives as a motivation to start sports. Many people criticized me when I was abnormally weak. Now I want to help thousands of people in their sports journey. It is never too late to start,” he said.

Bonheur ntwari surprised everyone with his body lines gmspors

Sharing his tiring routine, Bonheur said that he trains chest, shoulders and triceps on Mondays and Fridays, and back and biceps on Tuesdays and Saturdays; He said Wednesday and Sunday are ‘leg days’.

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