Billie Eilish: Quitting dancing led to depression

Billie Eilish: Stopping dancing anymore made me depressed

Billie Eilish, the youngest singer who made history as the first woman to win four of the biggest awards at the Grammy and the youngest singer, said she fell into depression when she was 13 and had to quit dancing.

Although Billie Eilish, a young musician from the USA, is only 18 years old, she has been attracting attention for a long time with her success in the music charts and the awards she received. The young pop star often comes to the fore with his statements about his life as well as his successes. Eilish said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that the incident that drove him to depression took place five years ago.

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In spite of the fact that Billie Eilish, a youthful artist from the USA, is just 18 years of age, she has been standing out for quite a while with her accomplishment in the music graphs and the honors she got. The youthful pop star regularly thinks of his announcements about his life just as his triumphs. As per the Somag News report, Eilish said in an ongoing meeting that the episode that drove him to melancholy occurred around 5 years back.

The young singer stated that having to stop dancing when she was 13 drove her to depression. The young singer, who attracted attention with his different movements, explained that he was in depression recently.

“I think the depression started in hip hop class when I had to quit dancing after I broke my hip cartilage. It sent me to the void. I went through the self-harming phase. The essence of the job was that I felt I deserved the pain,” said Eilish.

Eilish said that the next few years were dark for him after his injury, and he was afraid of being alone at that time. The 18-year-old singer said, “My friend, I felt like a knife was stuck in my stomach when he said, ‘I’m going home, see you”. I was not confident when I was alone.

The young singer said that the therapy sessions worked, “I can’t cry anywhere. I can’t shout and go crazy. I need to work.” The young singer is working on the new song for the New Year.

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