Billie Eilish is rebelling against her obsessive fan

American singer Billie Eilish became a plaintiff from a harasser named John Hearle who was constantly wandering around her home and threatening death with her messages. Eilish, 19, who said that he had been in h,er home for six months and had been in fear, demanded a suspension from the court for Hearle.

American singer Billie Eilish came to her home in Los Angeles to sue the person who harassed her and frightened her with threatening messages.

Eilish requested a suspension from the court against John Hearle, who he claimed had been camping for six months at a school opposite her home.

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Billie Eilish Receives Death Threats by her Fan

The 19-year-old singer claimed that John Hearle had bombarded her with threatening letters, even making a ‘cut throat’ sign when she saw her.

According to the court documents reached by TMZ; Eilish suggested he got the following grisly note from Hearle:

If what you want is not to die for me, you cannot get what you want. Soon you will know the waters will rise and you will die.

Billie Eilish also stated that she was watched by Hearle as she entered and exited her home, while being abused verbally or by gestures.

Expressing his concern every time he enters his house because he knows that a harasser named John Hearle is there, the famous singer said he worries about the safety of himself and his family.

Grammy record holder Eilish requested an order from the court to prevent the abuser from approaching his home and family.

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In court documents obtained by The Blast, Eilish said, “I lost my sense of peace and tranquility in my home and personal space due to repeated harassment. This caused emotional injury.”

According to the claim of Billie Eilish, who signed the soundtrack of the movie ‘James Bond’; The harassment has been going on since August.

In the Daily Mail report, it was also reported that police forces investigated the issue, but no arrests were made.

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5-year suspension from Billie Eilish to her obsessive fan

Billie Eilish (19), who went down in history as the first woman and youngest singer to win four of the biggest awards at the Grammy, had a 5-year suspension order against an obsessive fan on grounds of harassment.

American singer and songwriter Billie Eilish extended the verdict on John Hearle, who camped opposite his home in the Highland Park district of Los Angeles, and first suspended last month for 5 years. According to the report of Independent Turkish, the 19-year-old singer claimed that her obsessed fan climbed onto a fence to look inside the house and made a threatening throat-slashing gesture.

According to legal documents obtained by NBC News, Eilish accuses Hearle of frequently watching her in and out of her home while saying things that are indistinguishable in a low and disturbing voice.

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On another occasion, Hearle told Eilish, “Unless what you want is to die for me, you cannot get what you want … You will die. What are you dying for?” allegedly sent a written letter.

Eilish said the following regarding the request for a suspension order: I no longer feel safe when I leave my home and enjoy basic physical exercise in my neighborhood because he might approach me and try to hurt him. I just want to scream every time I see him.

BILLIE EILISH receives positive comments from her followers on Instagram

Famous singer “BILLIE EILISH“, who has more than 77.6 million followers on Instagram, is one of the most popular people on social media.

BILLIE EILISH, who prevented her followers who made bad comments on Instagram and did not care about them, started to receive support messages from her followers after threatening messages about her.

Many of the photos and videos BILLIE EILISH shared on Instagram received great appreciation and support comments from her followers.


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